Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 34

Preface to a New Encounter


The school enrollment and various events have ended!
I take classes every day at leisure. I spent days happily in my own way.
But, however.
Julia Bale. I have learned that name not because she’s my friend, but because it appears everywhere.
She’s a senior.
She comes along even while I’m taking a class, she’s really a bother.
Both Giselle-chan and Bel can’t hide they disgust. Theo is expressionless, but I can tell his displeasure.

「Letty, let’s have tea together!」

And then~!
I have not approved though~!
She calls me by my nick name~!!
When Oniisama discovered that, I saw his dreadful face.
Theo saw it too.
So dangerous that the two of us trembled in secret later.
That face…… I remember a criminal from my previous life who looked just like that. It was only for an instant, but us who saw it――trauma.

「I have a class now, so I have to decline」
「Maa! Is attending a class more important than me!?」

Of course, isn’t that obvious!!
It would be a disaster to tell her face to face, but I decline.
I somehow get to the class while getting pestered by Julia attack.
But, because of this Julia attack, except Giselle-chan and the others keep their distance.
They don’t want to get involved.

「It would be great if that person would lose her voice」
「That’s for sure…… she glares at me as if I’m a hindrance」
「Aah~…… I am glad I told you guys to go ahead」
「That’s right. Letty’s intuition is quite good」

Somehow, I had a bad feeling so I told Giselle-chan and others to go ahead to the next classroom.
I was right!

「I asked Oniisama to do something about it, but he told me that he could not do anything about it. But, I think that he can not do anything just right at this moment」

She appears too many times. Her aim is probably Oniisama or His Highness.
I think she’s trying to get closer to either one of them.
Well, the guards of the two of them are put too high, so there’s me.
Such being the case, I asked Oniisama to do something about it the other day.
You told me that I would be able to deal with that much, but experiencing the trouble firsthand is way too much! I angrily shouted.

「Because Oniisama is expert at being cunning」
「Letty, that」
「If Oniisama becomes prime minister in the future, won’t the other countries be in trouble?」
「He seems to be pulling threads from the back. If he works with His Highness their power will only keep on rising」
「Letty…… behind you」
「Eh, be, hind!!!!」

Moreover, a nice, smile, Oniisamaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

「Me? What? Cunning? Pulling strings?」
「A, ah, ah, this is bad」
「Letty, raising your voice and saying something like that isn’t something a daughter of a noble should be saying?」
「Ah, I am sorry」

No, everything is Oniisama’s fault for suddenly appearing from behind!?
Because! That’s scary! I won’t say it, though!!
Oniisama laughs happily so I fumble down…… do…… as you, please…… I will get bullied, I think.
This! Sadist! Is naturally something I won’t say out loud.

「You, are you free in the evening? You are free, right?」
「Stop deciding how I spare my time…… I am free, though」
「I can make time」

Yosh, Oniisama nods. There’s someone he apparently wants to introduce the two of us to.
Introduce, then it won’t be His Highness.

「What kind of person is it? Perhaps, Oniisama’s…… lover…… does not seem like that」

The moment I said lover, he glared at me good.
It was a glare that even made Theo shrink back a bit. It was a sharp gaze that it felt almost as I was being stabbed.
Oniisama’s! Temper! I apparently! Touched it!

「Anyway, I will come to pick you up」

I give a vigorous reply and see Oniisama off.
Then, Theo and I slipped into the room of the next lesson.
Just what kind of person is he going to introduce us to, I’m somewhat nervous and excited.


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