Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 35

Surely Not


That being the case, the evening.
Oniisama who came to pick me up told Giselle-chan to come along.
Oniisama and Giselle-chan are already on good terms. You are more affectionate to her than me, aren’t you?
Rather than the rough me you prefer the polite Giselle-chan, don’t you?
This! Difference!
Ah, it’s not really like I’m jealous, rather I understand……
The problem is whether my Giselle-chan will fall into Oniisama’s demonic hands. It looks fine for the time being, Giselle-chan is not such simple child.

「Where are we going?」
「Aah~ the men’s dormitory」

When he said so, Giselle-chan and I exchange glances.
Eh, it’s clear that men’s dormitory is a place that we should not visit at the current time.
When we arrive, we don’t go through the front entrance, but he takes us to the back.
An old looking door.
Oniisama lays his hands on the door. However, it doesn’t open.

「…… Making me use a key」

Oniisama, breathe! Breathe~!
I have also heard the sound of his tongue clicking!
Oniisama takes out a key while I panic. There’s a staircase behind the door.
A spiral staircase leading up.

「…… Do we go to the top?」

Is it a third floor? The place Oniisama wants to bring us to. It’s dark, so I can’t tell for sure, but there is a light coming from the top so there must be a room.
Thinking that this place is the goal, Giselle-chan and I follow after Oniisama.

「Are, Theo is?」
「Theodore will be brought by Alex」

Are you using His Highness as an errand boy? Oniisama is nasty. If someone spreads some weird rumors, he won’t be able to deny them.
Poor Theo. He’s definitely displeased.
And when we climb the staircase, another door. Oniisama knocks and calls out, but there’s no response.
Oniisama opens that door without minding.

「Oi, Gab. Are you awake?」

A voice is echoing around. There seems to be another room beside the one we are currently in.
Is this the attic of the dormitory, or is it the third floor?
Giselle-chan and I have no choice, but to follow after Oniisama who is going further nad further in. The table and sofa here look meaninglessly extravagant!
However, I’m troubled because I hear a voice all around, and smell a good scent. It’s a smell of fish being grilled.
I’m not hungry. I had a dinner, but…… it’s making me hungry.

「Ah~ sorry, sorry. It’s not like I was sleeping, you know? I was making a meal」

Dry and happy voice. Seemingly close to Oniisama.

「Ah, did we came first? Is Alex here?」
「His Highness is inside」
「I see」

His Highness who brought Theo is already inside.
I somehow understand that this person is close to the two.

「Bel is not here as expected, huh」
「Bel wasn’t in his room. It seems he was called home」

I see ,a good timing. Theo saw Giselle-chan and gave a wry smile after finding out she got involved.

「Sorry. I made you wait, also sorry for making you wait while I eat」

Warm, probably just made a meal on a tray enters my view.
An ikemen in a different way from Oniisama and His Highness.
Slightly sloppy face and a carefree smile.
The ikemen-san with a black ponytail looks very carefree.
He puts the tray on a table, sits on the sofa, asks us to sit down and introduces himself.

「What was it? Tristan’s imouto, her friend, and her attendant, right? I’m Gabriel. Gab is fine, Gab」

Gabriel, ikemen-san introduced himself. Gab-san then started eating his meal without minding us.
Rather, wait.
That tray, that’s!
Isn’t that a miso soup!? Rice!? That over there is a rice, right!?
Egg, the shape is different, but isn’t that tamagoyaki, could it!?
Hey, wait, Japanese food suddenly made an appearance!!
N, no way my stomach emptied…… wait, such surprise attack is unfair.
It goes without saying that my sight was nailed at Gab-san’s tray.

「…… Your imouto is staring hard, though」
「Looks like it」
「…… You want to eat?」

When asked, I frantically nodded in response. I want, I say with sparkling eyes.
I don’t know whether my eyes sparkle or not, but!
You, those eyes. Letty…… a gaze like this is a bit.
Such reaction can’t be helped. I mean! I want to eat!


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