Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 37

Please Teach Me, Giselle Sensei


After that, we have talked with Gab-san and others about many things.
Oniisama has sent Giselle-chan and me to the dormitory.

「…… Letty」
「Let’s study」

Eeh~! Why that all of the sudden~! Is what I thought, but.
She must be concerned about my expression of What’s that? when talking about Fantail.
Yes, as a matter of fact, I don’t understand a thing.

「Shall we first review about our country?」
「Giselle-chan, even if this is me we are talking about, I know about our country」
「Then, do you know about last year’s wheat harvest?」
「Ah, I know nothing about that……」
「This raised the hurdle a bit」

It’s not just a bit, right? Swallowing these words, our country comes first.
The Lugantia Kingdom is blessed.
Fertile grounds with many crops. It’s a place where textile goods are developing and place with silver and gold mines.
Although the nobles are governing respective territories, there’s a rough line which can’t be crossed, but other than that the law is free.
If it’s too severe, the Royal Family takes over. Incidentally, there’s a secret inspection going around.
The thing that the country lacks the most is salt. Because there are no seas. But, the country purchases salt even if it’s expensive, and resells it in the cities at reasonable prices. I think that this is possible only because the income from the crops is good.
Jewelry and high-quality clothes also seem to be popular in the foreign countries.
The religion is free. There are various religions, but most of the people worship the Goddess of Harvest.
Because the Royal Families belong to this religion, the surroundings follow.
Then, the talk about aristocracy.
Four big Duke Houses. Giselle-chan’s and Bel’s Houses are one of them. Our House is also one of them.
Best friends! That is not the truth, but they don’t obstruct each other. Only in the public, I guess.
Because there are aristocratic factions, it’s troublesome…… Giselle-chan thinks it’s troublesome too.
Then, because of one of the four big Duke Houses.
Not ours, but the one which conducts diplomacy.
Leads us to the talk about Fantail.

「The House conducting the diplomacy is the Jajal House, but that Julia-san’s House is part of the Jajal faction」

I don’t hear good stories about Jajal House often. There’s more bad than good, Giselle-chan says.
Giselle-chan who lives in the capital knows a lot about this.

「Do they work behind the scenes?」
「Yes. Rather, most likely…… some time ago, one House was crushed, and they were of Jajal faction」
「Crushed? Why?」
「They were spreading a dangerous medicine. That House wanted to test it out on the related House or something. Those people went missing, it’s said that they are under the protection of the Royal Family」

It was a very respectable thought, Giselle-chan says honestly.

「………… Giselle-chan. That, do you know where the house which suffered the damage is?」
「Yes, in the capital……」

I ask about detailed location. I also ask when did it happen.
Isn’t that the house Theo and I went to look at?
Hearing dangerous medicine, it reminds me of narcotic drugs. I don’t know which it is, but I understand that it’s dangerous.
There are various expectations in me, but they are connecting together.
Oniisama sent us there while knowing about this, right?
What to say…… did Oniisama who heard about that talk with Otousama, and what did he say to him?
I don’t know whether he did something about it himself, though!
I think that he’s related to this matter.
Oniisama, what have you done? No, it’s not a bad thing, though.
But, isn’t this dangerous?

「!? W, what, Letty, to suddenly leak a weird voice like that」
「Eh, no, un. No, a bit un. A, ah, something that is not supposed to connect has connected」

I suddenly recalled Oniisama’s and His Highness’ plot.
They wanted me to cooperate with them, and I got involved in something.
Something like, villain extermination.
Wasn’t I supposed to help with escapees!?
Haa! Haa!! It absolutely looks similar!!

「…… Giselle-chan, I will make sure not to get you involved!!」

I will show you that I can protect you from Oniisama’s grasp!!
Fun, I enthusiastically decide.
When I calm down, Giselle-chan continues with the story, but it splendidly passes through.
Oh no, this passing through may become a habit.

「Fantail is a neighboring country. According to the map, there’s one country between us」
「Ah, a neighbors neighbor?」
「That’s right. Because there’s a sea near that country, we are getting salt from them」
「Un, un」

A coastal country.
They make salt and sell it to many countries. That’s their main industry.
However, it’s strong. Because salt is something absolutely necessary.
There are many more marine products, but this is the number one.

「Because Fantail is an Empire, It’s Emperor, Imperial Prince, and Imperial Princess」

Right now, Gab-san’s Oniisan has the right of the first imperial successor, while Gab-san is the second imperial successor.
However, because of this imperial succession problem, his life is being targeted.

「The Emperor is alive at the present time, so everything is all right, but when he passes away, Gab-san’s Oniisama will become the Emperor」
「Un. That will make Gab-san the first successor, right?」
「Yes. And if the Emperor doesn’t have a child in the first five years of his rule, his position as the first successor will be locked」

When I ask about ‘locked.’
When the current first imperial prince has a child, his child will automatically become the first successor when the prince becomes an Emperor, and Gab-san who is the second successor will lose his succession rights.
However, in the situation where there’s no child.
Gab-san will temporarily become the first successor for the first five years. But, if there’s no child after five years, Gab-san’s position as the first successor will be locked.
If a child is born in the five years, it will become the first successor. Gab-san would get cut off.
For Giselle-chan to know so much about a foreign country…… sugoi.

「I think that the succession of the Fantail Kingdom is a bit special, but…… if that gentleman is hiding here, it must be about the succession」

Although the Emperor is still alive, he could die at any moment! That’s the story.
I naturally don’t know accurately, but I have to be cautious when visiting Gab-san.

「I understand that Gab-san is in a delicate-ish position」
「Although I think it would be better to know more in detail, but at least the minimum is necessary」
「Un, Giselle-chan, thank you!」

You are seriously reliable, my number one friend.


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