Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 4

What is Magic


It’s a fantasy~
My magic teacher is a famous Healer.
There seem to be various systems of magic, but the healers train the basics of all magic systems, and the few who can do that are considered elites.
I was tense thinking about the domineering person that would come, but that wasn’t the case.
The one who came is a carefree woman. Her name is Shirin, she seems to be from the Royal Capital, and she graduated at the top of this country’s most prestigious magic school.
In other words, the excellence itself.
She’s usually working in our territory, so she will be coming to our house once a week.

「Magic is you see~…… the world nanodesu yo」

It’s everywhere. Borrow its power.
Listen to the world, request it, and sometimes even order it.
It’s that kind of thing.
However, a compensation is necessary.

「The compensation is different for each person, but~ it’s flowers in my case desu」

Shirin sensei says that she borrows the world’s power with the flowers she raised with all her heart.

「Sensei! I wonder if anything is good for the compensation!」
「Yes, anything, is fine desu yo~」

Even if it were my life, I wouldn’t mind.
Shirin sensei says with a smile.

「If you want to do big things, you will need an appropriate compensation nodesu~」

Please remember that well, she says.
I and Theo nod at her every word.
After that, Shirin sensei earnestly taught us the basics.
What is magical power and how to use it.
What you could do is limitless. Therefore, it’s difficult.
An image talks for magic. If that’s the case, leave it to me! I’m peerless at delusions!
I was too enthusiastic and made a mess.
I have casually done something called a Great Magic.
After that, Shirin sensei made me promise not to use unless in extreme circumstances.
After that, it was basics, basics, and basics.
I just the basics of magic, and my handling of magical power became good.
And then, I realized something one day.
Roses are also plants.
And that I could use magical power to let it grow faster, alter its shape, and create a whip!!!
Theo was not amazed, but Shirin sensei seemed to be very interested.
I failed at first, but it’s my prided magic now. Moreover, it’s my original.
It seems there wasn’t anyone who imagined something like this before.
If it’s image it’s alright, my previous self loved that!! It’s something like that, yes. I really liked, I really loved it, gofu. My memories are still vague, but the paaaaaaaaaain doesn’t change.
Let’s put that on the side.
In order to understand the limits of my rose whip, I have begun practicing the whip.
Okaasama was frowning at first, but she came to the conclusion that it’s better than edged weapons.
Okaasama, I’m sorry. My rose whip is even nastier than edged weapons.
Theo kept me company during the whip practice. Theo uses a sword, but that is not a problem since if a fight breaks out my opponents will most likely use swords too.
Spending time with Theo every day was fun.
And then, the social season arrived.
It’s apparently too early for the 12 years old me, but not for my 16 years old Oniisama.
Haa, so bothersome! It’s a secret I thought something like that.
I have memories of Oniisama, but I have not met him yet.
Although I was complaining, it can’t be helped, but to attend Oniisama’s high society debut.
Of course, Theo is coming too. Rather, it was my condition that Theo must watch over me.
I have come to trust Theo in these two years. It’s because he cleans up after me or catches me when I do something bad.
Although Theo is Theo so, he sometimes sells me off to Okaasama. When I complained about it once, he told me that although he’s my attendant, his employer is Okaasama and Otousama.
In other words, he will overlook the little things and stops me if things go bad. And if Theo thinks I overdid it, he submits me to Okaasama.
Preaching is scary.


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