Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 40



Ioan Baillot is a child of a Baron House.
According to Oniisama, damn conceited.
According to Gab-san, damn conceited.
Is there nothing, but damn conceited in the vocabularies of these two!
Things Oniisama ordered――I don’t know what Oniisama ordered. I can’t do that, he complained.
I guess it can’t be helped if you order him to do something that can’t be done! Rather, isn’t he amazing for refusing Oniisama! Is what I thought, but.
But, at the same time.
When Oniisama wasn’t around, he was apparently self-indulging in the fame of being, the trusted “Tristan’s right hand.”
With a force of a tiger it seems.
No, it’s unlikely for Oniisama to allow someone call him without honorifics, doing it without his consent is out!

「I threatened him that I would kill him on sight in the school」
「I spoke to Chichiue too, and he removed him from the position of my attendant」
「He must have been considerably out for Oniisama, huh」
「Ah, seriously. Naa, give Theodore-」
「Not. Gonna. Happen.」

Theo is mine! When I insist on such claim, Theo who finished cleaning gave a wry smile.
I know very well how much Letty likes me, he teases.
No, I like you, but!!

「Mou! Anyway, Theo is my attendant. If Theo says he wants to be Oniisama’s attendant, then」

If he says it, glance!
Theo notices that and sighs.

「I won’t say it」
「That being the case, he’s my attendant」

I will absolutely not yield on that, fun. I breathe out from my nose while declaring. Though acting like that is an out for a lady, my opponent is Oniisama. Don’t mind!
I ask Gab-san to pretend he didn’t see it.

「…… But, it might be better for you to see once」
「N? What?」
「Ioan. Because he knows about you, he may intercede to you. Right now, the attacks from Julia are so intense he just probably can’t move」
「Ah…… Julia-san is, yes. Yes……」
「I think that dealing with Julia is not that difficult, but Ioan…… I think that can be considered doing his best」
「U~n, anyway, Oniisama doesn’t like this Ioan person. He was an attendant. But, there’s a possibility that he would try to use me?」
「Well, yeah」

In the first place, this boy called Ioan.
It doesn’t look like he desired to be Oniisama’s attendant. Otousama apparently told Oniisama that his parents told him to use him.
Although Otousama didn’t need him in particular, he accepted because of their relationship.
And as for Iaon who became an attendant, Why does someone like me have to… it has such feeling.
Although he didn’t want to listen to Oniisama, being under him is in a sense being spoon fed a sweet honey.
Because the power of his name is incredible.
So while he was enjoying the sweet honey, Oniisama couldn’t have it.

「The master-servant relationship between the Houses is troublesome. Naa, Theodore, don’t you also think so?」
「I wonder」
「You may say it clearly. I won’t tell to parents」
「Letty, be quiet for a while. Having an attendant is good. But, my attendant was something like that」

I don’t think you are like that, however.
Oniisama says. His gaze is strict.
Theo is being measured. Theo returns a smile to that stern gaze. What is that leisure!
Aaah, what is this anxiety, I can’t help but alternate my sight between Theo and Oniisama.

「I still have not found a way to become an ideal attendant, but I won’t do anything that would become disadvantageous for Letty」
「However, I have no intention of leaving at the moment. I just don’t want to displease Tristan-sama, so Letty doesn’t come to hate me」
「There’s no way I could come to hate Theo, is there! Oniisama! I understand that you are somehow trying to test out Theo, but please stop bullying him!」
「I’m not bullying him」

Theo laughs ambiguously. If you don’t tell Oniisama flatly now, you will get taken advantage of later!
I can’t tell him flatly, though.

「Oniisama, you are pleased with Theo, right? You can’t, you definitely can’t」
「Even if you want to borrow him, I won’t hand him over!」

€em>Definitely won’t~! I say.
If I lend Theo to Oniisama, he will return him crushed and ragged! I can’t help but think!
I think something like that wouldn’t happen, but still!!

「Oh well. Letty’s attendant is almost same as mine attendant……」

No, he¨s not~!!
Is what I would like to say, but I swallow my words.
Anyway, I won’t hand Theo over, I repeat many times.

「Right, right, Gab. These fellows are an actual working unit」
「Ah, is that so?」

He suddenly says.
Working unit? Theo and I exchange glances. I have a bad feeling about this.

「Because you guys went to look the last time, I have decided to move」
「Ah, is that so after all?」
「Eh? What? Eh?」

Theo smiles wryly. Eh, what? You know something I don’t? But, I have an idea.
Giselle-chan taught me.
I somehow thought that it was the case, but it appears that Theo has already known.

「…… That, was that the one you told us to take a look at?」
「That’s right. Letty, you can do various things, right?」
「What are you talking about?」
「Your magic is strange. But, it can be used. I will use it」

Ah, somehow this.
Is it not a work-horse decision?
Are you going to use your precious imouto, Oniisama? When I ask, Together with your attendant he answers while laughing brightly.


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