Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 41

Don't mix in


This anger!
『For the peace of capital, for our country, so that I could move behind the scenes, I want you to run errands for me』is what His Highness said.
From here on out, I would like to tsukkomi. Capital and country, that I can understand. But, so that I could move behind the scenes, what’s that about? Aren’t you reading way too much manga? Is what I thought, but there’s no manga in this world. First of all, how did His Highness thought of such thing?
And you will Oniisama said. Oniisama what the hell are you talking about?
Well, I think that the tsukkomi here is pretty good. What the hell are you talking about?
We were looking for someone who can run. They glance at me.
Yes. This. This is what weird. I think it’s correct to tell them to stop saying something so foolish.
Bad jokes, definitely, not. They are not joking, they are completely serious, though.
Then, Gab-san said good question so he must know a bit too.
Un. Stop. Stop please…… why don’t you stop!
They think it’s funny, don’t they!
I make a fuss alone inside my mind.

「No, we were planning to find a likable and skilled fellow, but why search when there’s one nearby? We have no choice, but to use you right……」
「Maa, I also think the same」
「I also have no objections about working with imouto」
「Right? So, I thought it would be dangerous to send just one person, but she comes in pair」
「Are you talking about me……」
「The balance is good」
「Right. I thought it was going to be fun, so I also gave my opinion」

Gab-san you too! You weren’t just watching!
W, what to say.
Oniisama, His Highness’s, and Gab-san’s conspiracy…… this type of forbidden topic…… I have a feeling it brought them together.
Mixing with them is dangerous. This is…… haa.
In the end.
His Highness discovered a crime. Your Highness, you are more less that, a prince so restraining yourself…… is what I would like to say, but the person in question is not here.
Gab-san who heard that investigated. Gab-san, you are targeted by your own country, right? What are you doing?
I wonder what I am doing?
Based on the investigation, Oniisama works out a strategy. Oniisama, aren’t final stages dangerous?
And then, Oniisama absurdly takes me in. Perfectly getting Theo involved.
This is it, I think. I have no chance of escape!

「That, you are selfishly including me though, Oniisama」
「I refuse」
「There no way」
「I can do that, right~…… Uu, Theo. Resign yourself and accompany me」
「Un, it turned out like this……」

Yoshyosh Oniisama smiles while nodding.
But, I have to at least say this much!

「But, we can’t do anything about that, right? But, there’s someone you can’t put our hands on, okay! Absolutely!!」
「Yes, yes」

Aaah, this is definitely a vague answer~!
This! Brother!

「Because I’d like to improve the country, follow along」
「Letty, if I judge it too dangerous, I will object」
「In the first place, I won’t deal with something I judge impossible」

Really? He laughs it off and turns to another direction when I ask.
Un. Seriously, he will surely not inform me that it’s impossible to do.
However, I think that anything can be done if there’s a bit of possibility.
I have a troublesome brother if I have to say so myself.
Seriously. Troublesome.
The distance between us is closer? Intimate? Is that intimacy…… maa, temporary intimacy.
More intimacy than before.
Isn’t that good, I thought a bit.


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