Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 9

Extreme Giselle


Hooray, hooray, the surroundings are excited.
And I somehow became a prize.
That’s that Bernard boy’s fault. All because of his friend of justice attitude.

「Miss Letty, I will win and rescue you. That fellow must have grasped your weakness!」

That’s right, because I have many weaknesses!!
But, of course, it’s not like I’m being forced to be with him. To be honest, the one forcing me is you, Bernard boy.
I sigh and look at the nonchalant Theo.
Theo is strong. Although I’m better at magic.
He is unrivaled in the swordsmanship. As expected, he would have problems with adults, but he would fight.
While sighing in boredom, I felt a presence next to me.
When I look there, it’s the child who was reading the book a while ago.

「You have it hard」
「You think so too?」
「Yes. I’m Giselle」
「I see. I’m Leticia. It’s difficult to pronounce so just call me Letty」

Is that okay? Giselle-chan blinks.
It’s okay, it’s okay. I nearly bite my tongue off when pronouncing my own name after all.
When I said so, Giselle-chan said is that so? and cutely smiled.
A fluffy light brown hair and bright orange eyes.
So cute I want to make her my bride.
While I and Giselle-chan talk, the duel began.
We notice that and direct our sights there.
I know even without seeing, though.
Theo is superior. Theo is just playing around.
He uninterestedly draws his sword and thrusts.
The target of the sword is Bernard boy’s throat.
It’s clear who the winner of the match is. Theo lowers his sword.
However, right there!
Bernard boy who is unable to read the situation!!

「Y, you have cheated, right!? If not, there’s no way I would lose!」

Bernard boy squeaks. My sword was bad, one more time. They have many matches, but Theo wins every single time.
Ah, Theo looks seriously displeased.
Certainly displeasing. If he continues to squeak, an adult will come. I thought about humoring him somehow, but Giselle-chan suddenly stood up.
She moves directly in front of Bernard boy.
And just like that bachin!! A frightful slap lands on Bernard boy’s cheek.
Rather than a slap, it could be called a knockout!!
Bernard boy falls to the ground and looks in a daze. The surroundings are in a daze too.
Even Theo blinks while making a stupid looking expression. If I had a smartphone here, I would definitely take a pic of his face.

「Stop being so noisy! Just obediently accept when you lose!」
「…… U」
「Your answer!!」
「Y, yes!!」

N, no way, this Ojousan is amazing…… if a normal young girl did something like that…… but, my opinion of her keeps rising.
Fun, Giselle-chan takes a breath and looks at me. Then, she asked me if I would like to have a tea with her.
Of course, I nod. Is it okay for Theo to come with me? When I ask Giselle-chan nods.
Because Bernard boy was looking at us enviously, Giselle-chan inevitably invited him to come along.
However, there was a condition to be quiet. She said she would get rid of him if he continues acting like before.
Yes, Bernard boy obediently nods.
Sugoi, subdued by one blow, sugoi.
Giselle-chan sugoi. Extreme, sugoi.
My vocabulary is sugoi only.


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