Tensei Shitara Kyuuketsuki-san Datta Ken – Chapter 10

Days of Hunting


When I woke up.
The pain has subsided.
I have a tingling ache in the left arm I created with Blood Bone Alchemy.
And I’m absurdly hungry.
Anything’s good, I want to eat.
What is necessary right now is blood and nutrition.
My decreased stamina and my left arm are probably demanding energy.

I bite the Earth Dog’s meat next to me.
Chiyu Chiyu
I suck the nutrition with my fangs.

I’m thankful to my growing fangs now.
Because I can eat without having to move my mouth.
I can get nutrition comfortably without moving.
As I suck the nutrition through my fangs, I can tell that it flows directly to my left arm.
The feeling of blood transferring.
Because I’m a vampire, my relationship with blood may be subtle.

【Fixed proficiency of a skill reached.『Food Poisoning Resistance Lv1』has become『Food Poisoning Resistance Lv2』】

I heard a voice.
But, it’s a meal time now.
I need to get my nutrition…
I must get my perfect physical condition back.

Before I noticed, I fell asleep while sucking meat with my fangs.




I wake up.
My left hand is still tingling.
I am hungry.
My body demands meat.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I bite the Earth Dog’s meat and suck with my fangs.
My body is filled with energy.

【Fixed proficiency of a skill reached.『Food Poisoning Resistance Lv2』has become『Food Poisoning Resistance Lv3』】

I heard a voice, but…
Not yet.
I’m not full yet.
My left arm demands to eat more.
It demands blood.
It demands meat.
Give me more.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I slurp on Earth Dog’s meat again.




I wake up.
Not yet.
It’s not enough.
My left arm wants a meat.
But, I already ate all of the Earth Dog’s meat.
Then, next, the Earth Dog leader’s meat.
I carefully set it aside.
The most delicious meal was left for last.
Well then, itadakimasu.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat the meat.




I wake up.
I need more.
I need more blood and meat.
My body and left arm wish for it.
But, I already ate all of the Earth Dog leader’s meat.
I don’t have anymore preserved meat.
I have no choice, but to hunt more.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I get out of the tree hole.
The crimson gun I made with alchemy in my right hand.
Revolver Magnum.

I found a passing Earth Dog.
I reflexively point the gun and pull the trigger.
Get well letter from my Blood Bullets.

Ban Ban Ban
The Earth Dog exploded while collapsing.

【12 Experience gained】

I collect the Earth Dog’s corpse and drag it to the tree hole.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat the meat.




Outside of the tree hole.

Ban Ban Ban
I shoot an Earth Dog with my practiced hand.
It explodes from inside causing a fountain of blood and falls to the ground.

【12 Experience gained】

No matter how many times I heard the god’s voice, it didn’t move my emotions.
I, who is taken by the feeling of severe starvation only want the meat.
I want to bite into the meat immediately.
I want to bite and suck.
My fangs are aching.
But, I have enough self-control to stop.
It may have become my habit to eat in the tree hole.

I dragged the prey back to the tree hole.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat the meat as usual.


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