Tensei Shitara Kyuuketsuki-san Datta Ken – Chapter 8

Rare Skill Getto


That surprised me!
I heard a voice from behind all of sudden.
I thought there wasn’t anyone.
I didn’t hear even a footstep.
When I look back, Ojiisan? is standing there.
Sharp ears, long beard… not a human, but an elf?
Who is he? This temple’s priest?

「Errr, who might you be? I thought no one was here」
「That’s because only I and the soul-like being reside here nou. However, you are not ordinary. To be able to enter」

Skill points were needed in order to enter.
From Jiisan’s way of speaking, ordinary people don’t have skill points?

「I have entered with skill points」
「Hoou. Skill… a person from a different world as expected. It can also explain the maturation to Baby Vampire」

As expected.
It seems that not everyone in this world possesses skill points.
It may be only a special feature of people from different worlds.
If that’s the case, there may be a lot more people who came to this world just like me.

「Are there other people from different world?」
「I have only met a few people ja. But, there are many here. You should pray to the saints zo

Elf Jiisan points at the part of the temple.
A hole in the wall fitted with many mummies lined up.
Almost as if they were saints of pyramid or catacombs.
It doesn’t seem like they are alive.
What is this about I wonder?

「That is…」
「If you have an opportunity go the east of the dungeon. If you go where the red flowers, where Nirvana Flowers bloom we will meet again rou

I continued to hear Elf Jiisan’s voice as he vas disappearing.
He quickly disappears like a fog.
I swing my hand, but there’s nothing.

I wonder what was that about?
It may be some kind of magic.
In a world with a leveling system, that may not be surprising…

After looking around for a while, I didn’t find Elf Jiisan around after all.
It seems he really disappeared.
Well then, let’s look at the mummies like Elf Jiisan said.

The mummy totally looks like a saint.
Is it alive or dead, I can’t tell.
It may be in both states.
It would be over in the reality, but here, I have a convenient skill.
To tell you the truth, it’s Appraisal-san.
Even if this was an ancient civilization excavation site, I could easily advance thanks to the Appraisal skill.
It’s a field in which Appraisal-san invincible.
Well, then.
Please, have a quick look.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who created things

A person from a different world in such place.
Jiisan said『There are many here』after all.
If that’s the case, they may have come here in the past from Japan just like me.
I’m quite interested in the sentence『A person who creates things』…
But, it doesn’t seem like I will get more information.
I should try appraising the next mummy.

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who healed people

This one is reincarnated too, huh.
The description is different.
A person who heals, would that mean he/she was a saint while alive?
There are much more professions which could help people.
There’s the case of songstress after all.

What about this one?

Race: A person reincarnated from a different world.
Description: Person who crossed the sea.

Another reincarnated person.
He apparently crossed the sea…
I wonder if every mummy here is a reincarnated person?

But, wait a minute.
Until now, Appraisal displayed dead creatures as『Others』not『Race』.
Then, after all, are these mummies alive?
No, they just may not be completely dead.
In that case.

「Good evening」

I greet the mummies first of all.

No reaction.
Maa, wasn’t that obvious?
I didn’t have any expectations.
Therefore, I don’t feel depressed because there was no answer.

Mummification of reincarnated people, huh~
Mummy-sans, huh~
I have an idea.
If you think about it, it’s a good idea.

Until now, I have gained skills only by sucking something with my fangs.
I may be able to get something if I suck this time.
I may be able to obtain some skill.
And because I’m a vampire, there wouldn’t be problem sucking a human blood.
It’s rather natural.
I should do that.

Then, which mummy should I choose?
『Person who created things』or『Person who healed people』.
As expected, drinking saint’s blood would be awkward, let’s go with『Person who created things』first.
If things go smoothly, I will suck the saint after.

I bite and suck the mummy’s blood.

【Skill『God’s Fangs』activated. Skill『Blood Bone Alchemy』acquired.】

I did iiiiiiit!
A good looking ability getto.

W, what.
My body is all of sudden enveloped by a white light and I feel like a bell is pounding inside my head.
It’s so bright I can’t open my eyes.
It feels like an electric shock is running through my head.
As if the shock is forcibly playing with my brain.

My surroundings are covered with white light…
I feel a soft sensation of floating.
Like if my body is flying somewhere.



When I notice, I’m outside of the Anima Temple.
I have returned in front of the stone door.

Earth Dogs are in front of me…


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