I have reincarnated into a different world as a Vampire Egg.
Moreover, bishoujo? Nono, bishounen?
I suck the blood of monsters while growing up in the dungeon, steal their abilities and level up.
I gather【Titles】and evolve.
I encounter a hikikomori sage (former hero party member) and become the strongest.
Completing the monster picture book, creating weapons with alchemy and dungeon cooking.
Conquering the seven greatest dungeons while enjoying heartwarming dungeon life.




Original Title: 転生したら吸血鬼さんだった件~チートで世界最強です~
Author: 赤ポスト
Translator: Shinsori
Translation Status: DROPPED
RAWS: Syosetu
Genre: Alchemy, Cheat, Cooking, Dungeon, Slice of Life,