Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 10


I walk around the labyrinth quietly, trying to suppress the sound of my feet tapping.
One month has passed since I started wandering around the『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』and I finally graduated from bare feet and ragged clothes.
I have received clothes from Vermut Nee-san. I really admire her greatly.
…… But somehow she only had butler clothes.
A blood sucking vampire noble・A noblesse vampire lord・As the name suggest, they have an image of a noble…… therefore?
Maa, at least I got proper clothes. I can walk with my head held high now.
Also, when I wear this, Nee-san looks very happy. I’m glad I could be of help even a little.
Nee-san has been looking after me since we have met.
Since I have been helped in various ways indiscriminately, I want to somehow repay her kindness.
…… Therefore, I have to kill monsters until I’m able to evolve.
Nearby, there is a green caterpillar that is the size of a dog, it’s the scavenging dust worm, I quickly run up to it and crush its head under my feet.
I’m different from the past me who only wandered aimlessly through the labyrinth.
I have a goal. With that alone, I’m different.
The coldness pierces my body and as always I become completely chilled.
However, my dead heart was full of hope.

I just happen to meet a low-class skeleton soldier and hammer my hand in its neck.
Like this, I’m one step closer to the warm body.

To reach the evolution is by no means an easy feat.
In order to evolve, I have to kill at least several hundred monsters.
Of course, I can’t confront strong monsters without a risk.
Vermut Nee-san told me that I should patiently defeat guys that are weaker than me.
By the way, that person’s (though she is not a person) strength is abnormal. As expected of demon king class monster, the small fries can’t even touch her.
Once a stupid skeleton got close to Nee-san and it was immediately scattered by her overflowing magic.
Maa, if skeletons are about level 10, then it wouldn’t be strange if Nee-san’s level is above 200.
I’m probably around level 20. Hannibal must be around level 90.
I can win against a foe 5 level higher than me with little difficulty. If it’s above 10 levels higher it’s nearly impossible to win.
Maa, it’s from my own judgement so I can’t really tell without prejudice.
To put it simply, if Nee-san doesn’t suppress her magic power intentionally, I am not able to approach her.
It seems that while I’m not able to withstand her magic power, leaving this labyrinth would be very hard.
I don’t know how much stronger or which race I will evolve to. There’s also a possibility that evolving once won’t be enough.
Nevertheless, I will still aim towards the evolution. No matter how long it may take.
For the sake of that・・・girl, I will――Huh?
Who is ‘that girl’?
Is she someone from my high school days, or someone from this world, I can’t remember.
I don’t remember my family, I don’t even know my name, yet I’m concerned about someone.
I want to at least remember my name. I don’t want to be named Nanashi John forever.

At least to remember human relationships…… ah!
My classmate who sat before me Tanioka! He was the really pleasant guy who was often chugging down mayonnaise!
It frighteningly didn’t matter.


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