Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 14


I decided to take one day off from hunting.
I have nearly died yesterday, and most importantly my pace in recent days was way too fast.
With the current amount of magic power, I will be probably able to evolve in ten to fifteen days.
Is what Nee-san said. I was also told that my body will be all right until then.
Therefore, it would be good to take a rest for a while. The present me doesn’t have any reason to be impatient.

…… Well then. Now that I have decided to take a rest, what should I do?
An Immortal(Undead) like me doesn’t need any food nor sleep.
Mental tiredness gets restored without a problem after resting for a while.
However, I’m not that tired at the moment.
I have thought about going to Nee-san’s place, but when I confirmed the time on my pocket watch, it was already just before noon.
She’s nocturnal, so she sleeps at this time rather than in the night. Dusk――This area is always dark, but――she never gets up until then.
…… Also, Vermut Nee-san doesn’t wear clothes when she sleeps so it would be bad if I intrude.

After all, I went to the big hall I always go to take a break, and sat on a pile of rubbles I substituted with a chair.
I slowly close my eyes and perform heat and life detection.
I know that the yesterday’s matter with Lower Devil(Lesser Evil) happened because of my overconfidence, but they are almost certainly all annihilated now.
They are the only ones in『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』who are able to use magic. I’m not worried about being discovered with magic perception for now.
I can’t detect Skeleton Soldier(Skeleton) and Rotting Corpse(Zombie) with my detectors, but I can detect them by sound.
It’s possible to detect them with magic detection, but unfortunately, I seem to lack the necessary knowledge.
There’s only a simple explanation in the Magic Profess. Magic is literally special talent.
While thinking about things like that, there was a response on life detection.
Now this is unusual. Because since I started hunting in this vicinity, monsters didn’t come here much.
They have probably recognized this as my territory. Although a lot of the monsters in this labyrinth lack intelligence, it seems that they all have knowledge about territories.
I was wondering why monsters didn’t chase after me that much after they attacked me at first.
When I focus on the approaching life force, I immediately recognize it as Large Black Lizard(Black Salamander).
But, why…… Ah, I see.
Did it figure out that the Lesser Evil disappeared?
The sub-species of a dragon, the Black Salamander possesses some intelligence after all. With its territory rivals disappearing, it seeks to expand.
By eliminating me.
To think something like this would happen on the day of my break, how unlucky.
What should I do? The opponent is a sub-dragon who can take on five Lesser Evils.
Its combat capability is higher than those guys who fight in a group.
A three-meter long body covered in dull sword scars.
When it spits out its cold breath the moisture in the air instantly freezes.
I can’t underestimate the power behind its long tail.
If I challenge it head on, my chances of winning are around 20%.
Not very welcoming numbers.
However, surrendering this place without doing anything would be too irritating.
Also. In the future, I will probably fall in the same unexpected situations like yesterday.
It’s necessary to get experience fighting with stronger opponents.
Fortunately, the opponent, this time, is stupid. In the worst case scenario, I can escape.

…… It’s not an opponent I can’t win against, I should give it a try.

Determined, I got up from the rubble chair.
Judging by my feelings, the other side hasn’t noticed me yet.
The first break I took lasted only for a while, but it’s a good time for an excercise.
Are you laying in an ambush?

But, that’s much more convenient.
My strategy that I’m so proud of can be used.
Although killing it with one blow after sneaking up on it is probably impossible.
I have to make some considerations before moving on with this strategy.
Black Salamander’s physique, method of attacking, intelligence level, I have to consider the most effective attack.

…… The problem is.
I grab a rubble that was at my feet and throw it in the air.
Then, when it falls down I cut it in half with my handsword.

Now then, will my attacks be able to pierce through its scales?

『Nameless Immortal』(Nameless Undead)
73rd Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 301/352


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