Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 15


In order to get behind the Large Black Lizard(Black Salamander), I quickly run to the passage.
The internal structure of this labyrinth is quite complex. After all, I couldn’t find the exit even after 20 days of searching.
Thus, if one understands the terrain, getting behind monsters is quite simple.
I kick the corner of the wall which allows me to turn without slowing.
After I cross another corner, I should be able to see the Black Salamander’s tail.
Its sense of hearing isn’t so sharp. I should be able to land an opening attack on his defenseless back.
I will swing my handsword on its neck and if I can’t pierce its scales, I will withdraw immediately.
Conversely, if I’m able to damage it, I will attack the same place while avoiding its attacks.
Let’s go with this.
I came across a Black Salamander once before but avoided contact.
I do not understand its attacking methods nor its attack pattern.
All I know that it breathes cold air from the front and swings its tail in the back.
Its long neck must be a hindrance, it probably can’t attack with its front claws.
How about getting on its back? Judging by the structure of the body, the back may be vulnerable.
Nah, it’s dangerous to be moving just on speculation. Should I wait and see at first and collect information?

I arrived at the last corner while collecting my thoughts.
Identical to the last corner, the passage is about 30 meters of straight line. I was able to see the figure of the Black Salamander.

…… Which reminds me, there was a time when this fellow made me feel cold.

My small grudge revives and I raise my speed.
20 meters. That fellow didn’t notice me yet.
15 meters. I prepare my handsword.
10 meters. I stoop my body and accumulate the necessary force to the legs in order to jump.
The moment the distance shortened to 5 meters――I leaped forward.
This might be my highest speed so far.
The trajectory of the leap is in perfect sync with the Black Salamander who still moves leisurely without caution.
I wind up the handsword.
No doubt. This will settle it.
After confirming the results I will decide if I should withdraw or not.
I aim at the lizard’s neck who didn’t take a notice of me yet and swing the handsword with all my might.

………… Eh?

Immediately after that.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
When I extracted my handsword from the defensive scales, without wasting time to rejoice.
Although there was a firm resistance, my handsword did not stop until I was forced to stop.
The black-scaled head of large lizard fell on the ground.
The sub-dragon with over three meters long body lose its head and fell on the ground with a thud.
In other words…… In other words, what?
This is bad, it surprised me so much that my circuits fried.
For now, let’s poke the Black Salamander.

Hey, move. Don’t die at your own convenience.
I planned to have a serious battle with you, wake up.

Naturally, even though I say this, the body doesn’t get up.
Yes, certainly there are things like me, but.
However this labyrinth doesn’t have enough magic power to create an Undead Dragon, there are at least dozens of Dragon Zombies, but to create them Zombie Parasites are necessary.

…… Anyway, I decided to calm down and think for a bit.
I recall my recent actions.
I was collecting magic power at a crazy pace.
And yesterday, I have defeated approximately three high intelligence, magic using Lower Devil(Lesser Evil) by myself.

Yoshi, I understand. Apparently, before I noticed, I have acquired enough power to deal with the hard scales of the top predator in this labyrinth.
When I calculate the sharpness and the speed of the handsword that landed on the lizard’s neck with Magic Profess, I start feeling that it’s only natural that the lizard died.

…… It was settled unexpectedly plainly, I wanted to win while dodging grandly, but win is still a win.
I can feel magic flowing into me from the Black Salamander’s body.
This is the first time. As expected of sub-dragon, the quality of magic it contains is on a different level.
The magic power fills my body.
When I close my eyes in order to feel the magic, suddenly, creaking.
I have a feeling that my body is creaking.
While trying to figure out what is happening, my legs shake and I fall on the knees.
Magic Power is overflowing inside me. My body can’t follow.
Soon the Profess informs me what is happening.
…… Evolution.
I calculated that I would evolve in about one week, maximum half a month, but by having hunted an unexpected prey of Black Salamander, it seems that it came earlier than I expected.
Rather, it hurts! To think that this body feels pain, who would have thought that exceeding your Magic Power limit is so painful!?

You didn’t, tell me…… Nee-san…..

I mutter in somewhat shaky voice.
Suddenly, I collapse because I can’t withstand the pain aroud my stomach anymore.
I slowly loose my consciousness.

『Nameless Undead』
73rd Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 363/352
※Magic Power Containment Limit exceeded. Starting the Evolution from Rank1 to Rank2.
※Due to the Evolution, part of the lost memories was successfully restored.


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