Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 17


Freezing Undead.
The huge amount of magic power retains the cold, a medium ranked Undead with a non-decaying body.
Depending on the circumstances, the damage and defects can be repaired with ice and at night when the magic in the labyrinth is the most active, it’s possible to regenerate.
The physical strength is several times higher than Undead’s. The sharpness of the nails can be compared to the sharpness of a steel sword.

…… I have reincarnated into such being.
To think that me who above all seeks the warmth would get the complete opposite.
It’s can’t be considered irony anymore, it’s a plain harassment.
But…… I have certainly become strong beyond comparison, I’m no longer scared of decaying.
Also, though limited only to nighttime, I’m able to leave this labyrinth.
And, the vicinity around the labyrinth is a dark zone.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that I can go outside without a problem.
The most aggravating thing is the increased coldness. But, because of what I have become, there’s no helping it.
I can’t delevel back and it’s not like I can evolve only once.
Then, this time, let’s settle on having the method of not decaying and the ability to heal my wounds.
It was unbearable moving with frozen limbs at first, but I somewhat got used to it after one day.
Staying positive and moving forward. Staying positive.

I’m now following behind Nee-san who is heading out of the labyrinth.
Since I’ve become an Undead. I can finally see the outside of this world.
…… It’s a strange feeling. Feelings of joy mixed with anxiety, such feeling.
When we come to the long staircase that leads out of the labyrinth, Nee-san looked back at me.
Her usually expressionless face had a little smile on and she presented her hand before me.
After a slight pause, I take her hand.
Nee-san’s Vampire hand temperature isn’t high at all.
Nevertheless…… It felt warm to my cold body.

The Wind blows at me.
I didn’t pay attention to it before, but it was really a long time since I felt the wind.
I finish going up the staircase and step outside.


It’s totally different from the labyrinth’s walls and ceiling.
The scenery continued as far as I could see.
Grassy plains around the labyrinth, and towering mountains in the back.
This is the outside.
This is the world.
I didn’t think that I was locked up in such small place.
When I come out like this, it really feels like I was captured inside a cage.
There are no walls nor ceiling.
When I look at the sky, I see clouds, stars and a large red moon.
I haven’t seen such moon before, it is shining red.
It was painting the darkness red.

It surely looks weird to humans.
Red sky, ground, everything must look sinister to them.
For me who isn’t human anymore, it looked beautiful.
When I’m admiring the scenery, Nee-san beside me suddenly laughs.
She really wanted to show me this scenery once I evolve.
She laughed again when she said so.
Her bashful face was lit red just like the moon.
It was more beautiful than anything I have ever seen.


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