Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 2


I walk, walk, walk.
A stone passage that I do not recognize, I continue walking endlessly.
From the shoeless feet, footsteps with pateripateri sounds.
The clothes are tattered here and there. At least, as far as my memory goes, I don’t remember wearing such clothes.
Until a while ago, I should have been an ordinary high school student.
Then how did this happen?
I don’t understand, I can’t understand.
The only thing I understand is, that I’m 『Cold』.
Cold, so unbearably cold.
Anything is fine, anything is fine as long as it warms this body up.
For that one feeling, I keep walking on the dim stone road with no end.

――I heard a sound other than that of my own feet, I think it’s about an hour after I started walking.
I turn at many corners, I choose a crossroad, I kept walking like that. This is the first change since I started walking.
Kotsuri. The firm sound that I heard from the other side of the darkness.
Someone is there. Or something.
I who thought that ran towards the sound.
The movements of the body which became cold were dull compared to when I was alive. Nevertheless, I ran.
Then I turn at one corner.

There it was.
The height approximately 180 centimeters, slightly higher than myself?
A rusty sword in its hand. Traces of blood still awfully vivid.
My face unconsciously twitched. That’s absurd, even though I’m a corpse I thought.
Because there it was the existence that I thought exist only in games.
Just fragments of flesh left, only bones, yet it obviously moves.

A『Skeleton』 that monster looks at me with hollow eye sockets.
Kakakaka, it shook its lower jaw and laughed.


While I stare at the laughing skeleton blankly, suddenly a strange feeling made it to my head.
The information about the skeleton in front of me flows into my head without selfishly.
The feeling disappears in few seconds, I understood what kind of existence this skeleton is.
『A low-class Skeleton Soldier』(Lesser Skeleton). Magical power dwells in the bones of a dead person, it turned in a monster that is able to move.
Almost no intelligence, it will attack anything that moves indiscriminately. It is possible to place it under control with magic.
…… Not a laughable story. With this information, I somehow understood what kind of place this is.
Apparently, at some time, without realizing I died and somehow came to a different world.
Well, let’s think about it later.
For now, let’s avoid the sword that guy raised.
I immediately jumped back, the Lesser Skeleton swung its sword down with all its might.
The movement is dull. It’s slower than me who is a corpse.
The Skeleton body shakes katakata, it approached me while raising its sword in order to cut me once again.
However, it’s impossible to cut me.
When the information about the skeleton flowed inside me, I also found out about my body to some extent.
It seems that I became『Immortal』(Undead).
The human who is supposed to be dead, but is not. A monster, just like the Skeleton.
I’m lucky to be immortal, but when cut, the blood flows and above all the body is dead so it can’t be healed naturally.
In other words, I don’t feel pain when cut, as everyone already guessed a zombie.
Even though I’m already completely dead, I absolutely refuse to be cut down.
There is a mountain of things I want to know, but this is not the right time for that.
Anyway, if I don’t do something about this Skeleton, my body will be eternally damaged.
The choice is between fighting and running away…

Naturally I ran away.
After all, Skeleton is slow.


…… But, this is troubling.
I who has escaped from the Skeleton safely, sit in a suitable place and think.
In all likelihood, this is a different world. For some reason, I died and became a monster.
To be frank, it’s incomprehensible. Perhaps because I became an undead, I don’t panic in the current situation, my reasoning doesn’t falter.
Why did I have a detailed understanding about the Skeleton from a while ago just by seeing it?
In the first place, why was it at such place?
Though I think a lot, there is too little information.
Foremost, it’s too cold. Even though I run and move, the body doesn’t warm up at all.
I don’t feel any pain, why do I feel only cold so clearly?
There’s a limit to unkindness, I might as well don’t feel the coldness.
But it can’t be helped even if I complain. In the first place, there is no one to complain to.

Even if I complain, the situation won’t turn to better, I decided to move for now.
I overwhelmingly lack information. I don’t have an idea how large this area is, it’s probable that exploring every nook and corner is needed.
There may be more things similar to that Skeleton. If I find a different kind, I may get more information, I may understand more then.
The method of warming my body up――also what kind of place this is.


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