Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 4


It has been 20 days since I fell in this situation.
I may freeze eventually.
The wall, ceiling and the floor are made from stone, there is no light. The temperature is below the freezing point.
As an undead I don’t have any senses, just the sense of coldness is felt thoroughly.
Because I can’t generate any warmth, the coldness keeps increasing. As I breathe in the cold air and then breath out, the coldness is still the same.
I need a fire, a fire. Yesterday, I came across a big black skink lizard 『Large Black Lizard』(Black Salamander), I thought he would breathe fire, but that bastard spits out a chilly air.
That would kill me. Nah, I’m already dead.
I fled in haste, I will beat that guy eventually. I made up my mind.
Now, the heat. I need heat.
I already felt like there is absolutely no fire in this labyrinth.
Therefore, I was searching for the exit past few days, but I can’t find it for some reason.

Is this bullying? Bullying this poor me who is searching for warmth?

Sensei! There is a bully in the class! I think everyone should get along well!

I yell like this, but it’s in vain.
Nobody will help me, in the first place there is nobody who could understand my words, that leaves me only with moving forward.
The floor is cold~ I would like shoes at least~ I complain in my mind while tottering forward.

The twentieth day. In other words, since I arrived in this world, I’ve met a human.
There are 3 humans. 1 man and two women.
All members are about 17 years old…… Slightly younger than me.
The man is leading at front with a torch gets surprised at my sudden appearance.
Of course, he got surprised. Because I got surprised as well.
The man has a sword on his waist, the two women in the back have a staff and a bow respectively, are these the『Adventurers』I wonder?
This labyrinth is dominated by monsters. For there to be things from RPG’s like guilds and adventurers would not be strange at all.
The adventure-ish man talks to the people beside him.
I see, even though this is a different world they communicate with talking, I understand that. However, I still don’t understand why the information about the monsters flow into me when I look at them, but well that doesn’t matter.
Torch! That is a torch sensei.
These guys brought me my long-awaited fire! I’m in need of something warm!
What a luck, what a good fortune. After 20 days of suffering, I have finally been rewarded.

Fortunately, it looks like these guys didn’t notice that I’m an undead.
They can’t see my white as a paper complexion with no blood circulation. Unlike me who is undead they don’t have a good vision in darkness, In such darkness one torch is not enough.
Because I haven’t suffered any injury, my body looks beautiful. The clothes are ragged, though.
Therefore, I approached these completely careless fellows and said.

Hey, give me the torch!

Ah…… I thought I would die yesterday. Though I’m already dead.
If I have to summarize, when I demanded the torch yesterday with smiling face, the girl with the staff among the three people noticed that I’m an undead.
It seems that child wasn’t a『Witch』(Magician), but 『Shinto Priestess』(Sister). I understood after the information come directly to my head.
The moment that staff would be pointed towards me, I would be reduced to ashes. I had a vision like that.
Certainly, if I consider the information gathered so far, against the existences belonging to the darkness element, the Shinto Priest’s purification is suitable.
Of course, I fled at full speed.
When there’s a life, there’s a hope, though I’m dead.

Therefore, the acquisition of warmth has failed again.
However, these adventurers, no matter that I’m undead to chase after me so obstinately.
I complain, this is racism. These guys, just because the dead don’t have human rights!
…… Well, if I was in an opposite situation, I would do the same thing, a walking corpse is a perfect description of a monster.
Even if I speak ill of them, it can’t be helped, un. If I see you again, I will send you flying, though.
Even though if a human being would go missing and someone may grief, but unfortunately my mind is very cold because of all the coldness. There are no further thoughts.
Is it inevitable? It became inevitable. If I could revive I would like to return to my original world, but it can’t be done in present conditions.

More than anything, fire.
Let’s look for those fellows. I will snatch the torch if I see a chance.
Incidentally, those guys probably know where the exit is.
Because of that, I’m going to look for those adventurers from yesterday.
…… It would be nice if they still were in this area, though.


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