Undead Seeks Warmth – Chapter 8


………. Really, why did this happen?
Am I going to die again?
Or will I perhaps become a mindless undead?

Mou, I don’t know what’s what anymore. This is so messy, I feel sick.

…… It’s cold.

Ah, what. If I still feel the cold, does that mean I still live as an undead?
The pain is the proof, I remember some nihilistic guy in the old days that said, the coldness is testimony that life is still present.
It was quite a story. Really.

Speaking of the outcome, I didn’t die.
But why, how?
When I realized, Hanibal was blown off by something.
But what? I obviously didn’t do anything.
一Just, what――


I suddenly heard an audible laughter from behind.
I jumped back reflectively.
A single woman stood there.
It’s not Merlin. I understood because she was close.
Her presence is different. No matter how preoccupied I am with Hanibal, I would notice the presence behind me, but I did not.
Nevertheless, after examining that existence with my awareness, it’s clearly stronger than Hanibal.
A long golden hair, coincidentally her eyes were the same color as Hanibal.
Around 20 years old, a woman dressed in awfully luxurious clothes.
However, I can tell.
That woman who sent Hanibal flying, this fellow is not a human.
What kind of existence is this woman?
That information poured to my head.
…… Ah.
Mou, I don’t know anymore.
Why is such fellow・・・・・Why is she here!?

――A Vampire.
With the appearance of a human, a ruthless physical strength, possessing magical powers, their lifespan while not eternal, is enormous.
They increase their strength by sucking the blood of their victims, the word『Strongest』appears in my mind.
With a large amount of magic, an absolute being to both weak and strong.
However, at the same time, it is said that silver and sunlight can deal even with the top class vampire.
…… But that is only limited to vampires・・・That’s what the stories don’t tell.
Vampire grows for a long time, it evolves with the amount of blood sucked.
『Evolution』. The potential that is hidden within every monster, even the top class species are not an exception.
A Vampire that has lived for over 100 years and sucked blood from more than thousand people can evolve into a『Vampire Noble』. Once that happens, all the weak points vampire had disappeared.
Certainly, an existence that can be called the strongest. I don’t know how many existences can survive in a fight against Vampire Noble.
That monster. An existence which surpasses even that monster・・・・・

A monster designated as Demon King that could destroy the world if it felt like it, a『Vampire Lord』.
Why is such a monster in this place?

An extraordinary black tea was poured into an antique teacup, I gulp slowly.

…… It stings.

As if the warmth was escaping from my body, the feeling I’ve forgotten for a long time.

I sat on a chair that was prepared for me and bowed towards the woman.
I was really saved. Properly speaking, I was going to end up being eaten by Hanibal.
And she saved me. One of the five only beings designated as Demon Kings『Vampire Lord』.
Why is such an existence in the outskirts of this labyrinth?
Apparently, she uses this place instead of her holiday house. It seems that the miasma released at nights in this labyrinth is unusually comfortable.
There are two reasons she saved me. Simply, she couldn’t stand Hanibal laying waste to her holiday house and she was curious about me, an undead with high intelligence.
Incidentally, I attracted her interest because I didn’t have a single scratch on my body.
In short, Vampires tend to prefer beautiful things and it seems she was satisfied with me, so she helped me.
Oh well, I don’t mind. It’s the truth that I was saved.
I can’t thank her enough.

This Vampire Nee-san’s name is Vermut Elsaroad
She will stay here in『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』for a while, and she will teach me the necessary knowledge in the meantime.
Naturally, I accepted this proposal and grasped the hand that was presented to me.
I realized that I still didn’t know my name.


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