Undead Seeks Warmth – Idle Talk 2

Arrow Shooting Girl


Kirikirikiri…… Pashu.

Identical noises were endlessly resounding in a vacant piece of land.
One young girl was standing in this unpopular place.
She kept pulling the bow in her hands.

「91…… 92……」

Kirikirikiri…… Pashu.

Most of the arrows shot pierced the target dozens of meters away.
Many stuck arrows in the same place made the target look like a hedgehog.

「99…… This is it……!」

She picked the last arrow at her feet and fired it.
After confirming that the arrow struck the center of the target, the girl――Merlin sat down while holding the bow.

「Haa…… Haa……」

Sweat appears on her forehead and her breathing is rough too.
Because of the continuous pulling of the string, blood was flowing out from her hand.
She is obviously overworking.
Because of her hard-working nature, she already imposed such an unreasonable training on herself many times…… This time, it’s particularly bad.
But now, Merlin doesn’t have any companions who can stop such an absurdity.
No. She may be doing this because of that very reason.

「………… tsu」

After her breathing calmed down, her heart started to hurt.
The sadness attacked her, causing her to scream out in a loud voice.
She became alone.
The unchangeable fact pierced her heart.

「Sieg…… Alice……」

The names of her childhood friends and irreplaceable companions spilled out from her mouth.
They have died.
Only she herself survived.
The feelings of longing overflowed inside her. And regrets.
If only she were stronger.
So strong that she wouldn’t lose against anyone.
The pain similar to thorns piercing her heart sprang while she thought about her friends.

「…… tsu」

Merlin stood up slowly.
More than two months already passed since that day.
She must become stronger.
Much stronger than she is now.
Once again, she loaded the arrow in her bow and aimed at the target.
She didn’t think that this was the right way at the beginning.
However, right now, it’s the only thing she can do.
If she doesn’t get stronger, she can’t enter the『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』again.
In order to find mementos of her friends and to find that Undead.
For this reason, her way can’t be wrong.
The only thing she can do right now is to shoot her arrows.
She’s having such messy thoughts.
Merlin continued shooting the arrows.

I have been regretting fleeing from the labyrinth for a long time.
…… However.
I am not thinking “if only I died in place of those two”.
The Undead who helped me said.

『People should live to their utmost limit until they can’t carry on』

I’m alive.
Even if I die, those two won’t come back.
Therefore, I will live on their part.
If I didn’t think such, I wouldn’t be firing my arrows like I’m now.
I wouldn’t even be able to stand up.
Those words full of life that I have received from the Undead.
Before I noticed, became my everything.


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