Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 13

Cooperation Union Registration 1


「So this is Cooperation Union」


When I mutter, a white leopard-like magic beast answers me.

This child is a familiar.
Berta looked and brought it for me.
Just what influence does she have… indeed, Berta-san can’t be taken lightly.

Familiars are given a special training and contract can be set with a magic tool collar.
They understand human language and have to obey orders faithfully.

Berta somehow gave consent regarding the Cooperation Union, but she didn’t give consent to let me go alone.
You can’t go without a guard, she strongly opposed.

Therefore, it was this child’s appearance.
Employing a bodyguard stealthily is impossible and looking for a trustworthy guard is even more challenging.
However, a familiar won’t reveal secrets, and will obediently lend its power.
Even if it can’t win, it can carry me on its back and escape.
This child has fast legs, so he is a perfect guard.
Incidentally, I named him Dieter-kun.

「There really are various kinds of people」

The door of the Cooperation Union building are open and a great variety of people are coming in and out.
The long ears on my head move pyokopyoko whenever I pick up noise.

Yup, right now, I undoubtedly have bunny ears on my head.
These ears are attached to a mask.
With this mask that covers half of my face and these bunny ears, I look like a different person.

Moreover, not only these ears look high-performance, but they actually work.
Because my real ears are not visible under the mask, I look just like a demi-human to the people around.

A bunny and a leopard are a perfect combination of a prey and the predator, but well, I think it’s necessary to keep my social position hidden and keep my safe.
In fact, I felt many eyes on me when I passed the gate of Cooperation Union.

Demi-humans in this world are not uncommon, they are able to live normally.
They are not in the aristocratic society, but they commonly live and perform business in the city.
There are many adventurers, so they will naturally come to this Cooperation Union.

「It is my first time here, may I know if I can register?」

It was finally my turn and I arrived at the counter while exposed to everyone’s eyes.

「Yes, please fill the necessary information on this form」

The receptionist woman tells me in a business-like manner.

「I understand. Should I fill the form in a different place?」

「Eh? No, it’s fine to do it here」

The expressionless, business-like receptionist woman looked at me in wonder.

「Ah, then…」

I see, the line to the reception is long because the dealing with one person takes so long.
There are six reception counters, but the queues to them are not shortening.

No wonder the receptionist Oneesan got so sick of it she became expresionless.
Thank you very much for your hard work!

「Umm, is there something?」

The face of the wondering Oneesan turns uneasy.
Unline when expressionless, she looks quite young.

「No, it is nothing much. I just thought it must be hard for you dealing with a long queue like this. I will fill out the form immediately」

When I speak and give her a harmless and inoffensive smile, Oneesan’s shoulders softly tremble for some reason.

「Eh, is, is something wrong?」

Gatan, Oneesan suddenly jumped up from her chair.

「That’s right!! It’s really hard every single day!! The queue doesn’t stop, everyone just complains, we don’t even have a spare time to eat lunch, everyone is just selfish, I can’t , I can’t stand it no more!!」

Oneesan has snapped.
She must have stored up a considerable amount of stress.
Was it my carelessness? I have said something that seem to have triggered her.

「Even though it’s called Cooperation Union, I work all day, I gain weight because I have to eat at night, I get pimples, and I can’t even get a boyfriend~~」

Un, the last piece was the shout of Oneesan’s heart.
Ah, Oneesan burst into tears.
What should I do? Someone! I wanted to call for help, but the other receptionist Oneesans are crying in symphaty.
Everyone is stressed, huh…

Right now, Cooperation Union’s business is at a stop.
… Is it my fault? It’s not me, right? Right?

When I look down at Dieter-kun, he quietly looks away.
Uh, does he mean it’s my fault?
I feel like the people around are looking at me… why~~

「What is going on!?」

When everyone is at wits’ end, a man coming from inner part of Cooperation Union shouts.

「Cooperation Union’s head!」

One person shouts in relief after seeing the man.
Everyone in the Cooperation Union shifts their gaze towards the union’s head.

「Clara, what is this uproar about?」

The head asks the receptionist Oneesan at the first counter, the one I’m lined up at.

「U, sniff, I mean, I hate this~!」

「Haa, I don’t understand you, come here for a bit. Others resume your duties!」

Everyone in the Cooperation Union resumes their work while Clara-san walks to a separate room.
The people in Clara-san’s queue line up to other queues while complaining.

Can’t be helped, I should also line up again.

「This person comes too」


N? Clara-san grabs my arm for some reason.

「Eh? I…」

「This person comes too!」

Clara-san repeats her claim while I’m getting lost for words.

No, no, no, I’m just an outsider that just came today to register?
What to do?

「Ojousan, you come too」

Please wait a moment! Is what I wanted to shout, but Clara-san’s grip was powerful, and I couldn’t shake her off.
Even though I looked at Dieter-kun, he didn’t regard it as dangerous and didn’t help.

Like that, I was taken to a different room.


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