Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 15

Letter ga Kita



When Wirbel pats Dieter’s small body, it leaks out an adorable sound.

「Yosh, yosh, fufu, so cute」

Dieter is curled up on Wirbel’s lap who is sitting on a sofa.
His smooth, white fur seems to be pleasant to touch.

The little purring Dieter seems to have completely turned into a pet.
The threating and chilling aura around him is nowhere to be found.

「I did not know magic beasts could turn so small」

I address Berta who stands on the side of the sofa.

「Yes, it wouldn’t be able to live in the mansion with that size, so I was really relieved to find a magic beast that can change its size」

Berta explains in a small voice.

Indeed, if I have brought Dieter back to the mansion in his big form, the recent matter might have gotten found out.
Not only that, it wouldn’t be suitable to keep something that attracts so much attention in the mansion.

Leaving that aside! I’m being healed~
How adorable Wirbel playing with a small animal is!

Wirbel had returned from main building when I returned back from the Cooperation Union.
His small figure with a face of smiles running up to me was too loveable.
Wirbel was acting like a spoiled child and walked while clinging to my legs!

While warmly smirking in my own world, Dieter sprawled between the sofa and my back.
Naturally, he slid down because of his body weight.
Dieter, what do you want to do?
The appearances of a dangerous magic beast are non-existent…

When I look to the side, Wirbel is looking over here with an impatient expression.
No way, do you want to get sandwiched too?
The etiquette teacher would get angry, but I can’t win against those eyes full of expectations.

When I give him a smile of permission, Wirbel imitates Dieter and gets between my back and the sofa.
When I lightly lean against Wirbel,「Okaasama, it’s narrow~」he says delightfully.
Fufu, what a cutie!

Zawa, patapata patapata.「… sama!」

Noisy footsteps resound from the corridor and gazes gather at the door of the room.
Just when I thought it was one of the guests who has bee coming here a lot recently, Berta opened the door.

「Oneechama! Wi-niisama!」

From the small gap between the door which Berta opened, Anneliese-sama smoothly jumps in the room.
Then, after seeing us, she steadily trots over to us.

「Anne too~」

With that shout, she begins to climb up the sofa.
After I unconsciously lend her hand, Anneliese-sama immediately settles between me and the sofa.

Anneliese-sama’s weight is not that great, but Dieter seemed to feel uncomfortable as he crawled out.
Wirbel was also stirring, trying to get out, but Anneliese-sama is clinging to him so he can’t get out.


When I look back, I see eyes seeking for help.
Wirbel! Leave it to Okaasama!

「Anneliese-sama, look how cute this is~」


I disregard Dieter’s objection and present him to Anneliese-sama as a sacrifice.
「Kya~」she shouts in joy and extends her hands at Dieter.

「So~ cute~」


Dieter in Anneliese-sama’s embrace leaks out a sigh of defeat.
His strength doesn’t decrease when in a smaller form so he could escape if he wanted, but Dieter has completely given up.

Dieter, I won’t forget your noble sacrifice!

When I was going to leave it at that irresponsibly, Wirbel gently reprimands Anneliese-sama.

「Anne, you must pat small animals gently」

When Wirbel pats Dieter to show an example, Dieter pushes his head forward into Wirbel’s hand.

U… I’m sorry, I was the one who made you sacrifice.
Ah, nevertheless, what a kind child my son is! I will hug you!


When I group, hug the three (2 children and 1 animal), each of the three leak a different voice.

Ah~ what to do with this feeling that bleeds love when touched~
I have to protect it.

「E, excuse me…」

While I was indulging in happy emotions, a hesitating voice called out.
When I raise my head, one of Anneliese-sama’s maids was looking here with anxiousness.

「I, I was told to deliver this to you by Bianca-sama」

Saying that, the maid presents a letter on a tray.
When I was about to stand up to receive it, Berta received it and brought it to me.

What is it?
Ha! Complaint? Is it a complaint?!
No, it shouldn’t be! Bianca-sama is a good personmon! (We barely exchanged words) I think!

When I timidly take a look at the letter, it was the so-called letter of thanks.
Because Anneliese-sama has often been coming here recently,「I am terribly sorry, but please look after her」the content was appropriate of a polite, kind lady.

Also, there was for some reason「Swiss roll was very delicious」written at least fives times.
Bianca-sama… your desires are leaking out! You liked it that much!
I will talk with the head chef again, okay!

「I want to let Bianca-sama eat Mille crepe」


When I mutter to myself, Anneliese-sama’s maids make gulping sounds.
When I look around, eyes full of expectations are staring at me.

「… It may be better to let everyone in the mansion sample so we can improve the taste」

When I say so, I hear delighted voices from many directions.

Everyone has a sweet tooth, huh.
And Berta… you are grinning. You are full of vigor to eat, aren’t you?
I already let you have a sample, right? Is something I wo~n’t say! Please eat more and more! Seriously!
You are scary, please stop giving me chills!

As if hearing my thoughts, Berta’s grinning face disappears.
I have witnessed the birth of a female demon… brrr.

「Oneechama, I want you to make clothes for this child again deshu!」

The moment Anneliese-sama said that, gufu I hear from my side.
When I look, I see Berta’s shoulders trembling a bit.

What is it? Do you have a problem!?
Yes, she’s calling me「Oneechama」!
I always think about how children regard you as important!

Nevertheless, Berta-san, your respect for me has been recently decreasing!
You want to fight!?

「Oneechama! Clothes!」

Oopsy, I’m sorry, doll’s clothes, alright!

The dress-up paper doll I gave to Anneliese-sama has been recently her favorite.
Wirbel didn’t show much interest, but as expected, no matter what world, girls like dolls.

I drew a doll resembling Anneliese-sama on paper, then I drew clothes and cut them out. It’s a considerably simple thing, but because it didn’t exist in this world, everyone was quite surprised.

「Yes, what clothes should we make this time?」

「I want something with a lot of ribbons deshu!」

I see! Then, let’s draw a big skirt and add plenty of ribbons similar to a rococo style dress!

… Un, it has turned exactly like a shoujo manga.
Subtle? Maa, isn’t that alright!

「Anneliese-sama, I ended up like this, how is it?」

「Kya~ cute!」

Anneliese-sama shouts excitedly.

「Anne wants to wear it too deshu!」

I’m glad you like it!
This dress is not something from this world, so the maids are also looking at it curiously.

Wirbel? tte, he fell asleep.
As expected, this seems to be boring for boys.


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