Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 16

Publishing a Recipe Book



Becker presents a piece of paper to me.
A simple drawing of a snowflake is drawn on the paper.

「This is the drawing of our artist from the sketch Okusama gave me the other day」

Ah, I was asked last time to draw the design of the brand logo.
I completely forgot because I drew something irresponsibly.

Was this possibly adapted from that?
Indeed, the drawing of the artist looks excellent.
It’s a snowflake, but it looks like a flower and is very lovely.


「I think the design is drawn well. But, don’t you feel like this design is incongruous for a commercial firm like Becker Company?」

Right, this is not suitable design as Becker Company’s brand logo.
I’m in the bad for drawing without thinking, but this is too feminine, it doesn’t feel Becker-like at all.

N~ For instance… how about an ivy? Once entwined you won’t be able to get out, I think this is the correct one!
Loose, but hard to separate from feeling?

「Yes, therefore, this will be used as a design for Okusama’s brand」

Ha? What did you say? Did I mishear?

「My brand?」

「That’s correct! The goods thought up by Okusama will be sold under Okusama’s brand. That way, the future products will be easier to sell」

「I see…」

「Yes, everybody will be hesitating to purchase Okusama’s goods at first. However, if it has the credence of a brand, people will become more trusting and buy the next goods. First, we will build up the credence with measuring cup and spoon. If we do that, the people will compete among themselves for the next products」

Becker is delighted with his own plot.

I don’t think things will go so smoothly, but if the head of such great firm thinks so, there might be a chance.
In short, products of a renown manufacturer can buy a piece of mind and trust.

「Right, then, it will all lose meaning if we don’t propagate the measuring cup and spoon well」

「Yes, that’s where I would like to request from Okusama!」

Becker looks at me with eyes full of determination.

「W, what is it?」

「Yes, I would like Okusama to teach me how to cook」


When I let out a confused voice, Becker leans forward and begins to speak.

「We have talked about the use of measuring utensil used in basic recipes before. I want to write recipes for that. If there is a recipe book with delicious dishes nobody knows about, the measuring utensil will receive even more recognition. That way, we will succeed without a doubt」

Ah, so that’s it.
I was surprised because you drew near with such ghastly expression.

「I see, I understand. What kind dish recipes would be good?」

「I, is that all right?」

Becker stares in wonder, he probably didn’t expect I would agree so readily.

I don’t really mind? I rather desire for delicious dishes to spread around the world.
Arranging recipes, discovering new dishes! If that happens, let’s travel incognito and eat with Wirbel!

「Yes, is there a problem?」

「No, calling it a problem… recipes of the dishes are something that chef fundamentally monopolizes for himself. An exceptional pupil will inherit the recipes in most cases, but it’s not something which is generally spread on a large scale」

I see, then, by publishing a recipe book, Becker is doing something ground-breaking.
Because I’m only teaching Becker personal recipes, there won’t be a problem.

「I do not mind. However, the book can not only get into the hands of wealthy people」

Because paper is precious, books are naturally expensive. It would be difficult for common people to get their hands on it.
If not sold in the streets, the development of the dishes will be delayed. The chefs of aristocrats will surely conceal their newly obtained recipes.

「Yes, Okusama’s wish small profits and quick results by spreading the cookware to every family kitchen may not happen」

No, no, if you say it like that it makes me look like I plotted for some treachery, this is different, okay?
I just thought it would be nice to make things convenient for everybody! You are the one who wants to keep selling! Please stop shifting the responsibility!

「Everyone at the board thought about it carefully, but many in the streets are not able to read. What’s to be done with that…」

It seems Becker thought about it a lot.

That’s right… what to do?
A method to make people understand letters easily… ah, that’s right!

「How about a demonstration?」

「A demonstration, is it?」

「Yes, gather the housewife and demonstrate for free. Wouldn’t it be possible to explain the convenience of each utensil that way easily?」

Un, I think it’s a good plan! Becker will manage to do it a way or another.
Leaving the work to others.
Becker should also suffer a little to make money!

「Fumu, then, all that’s left is to choose recipes」

「Let’s see, sugar is too valuable so sweets would be hard for common people to make, I think that dinner dishes would be better」

What would be good? N~ Maybe that thing the children love~

「To think that Okusama is familiar with dishes other than sweets… As expected of Okusama!」

When Becker says so, the maids around nod all at the same time.
Everyone looks at me with eyes of admiration.

I will be troubled if you think that I’m an expert. I’m just an amateur, you know!
Maa, the maids probably only think they will be able to sample delicious food, though.

「Then, leave the recipe book to me, and I will leave setting up of the demonstration to you. I will write detailed explanation of the cookware and send it to you later」

「Yes, thank you very much. I can’t express how sincerely I appreciate Okusama’s assistance」

Becker gives an exaggerated gratitude.

「I think about making “Gratin” the demonstrated dish. Inform the head chef that I will be giving him instructions today」

Yosh, today’s dinner is Gratin!
I wonder if it will be to Wirbel’s liking~


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