Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 17

An Unexpected Situation


Now then, what should I do today?
Wirbel went to the main building to study so I should visit the library!

「Berta, I am going to the library」

I inform Berta and leave the room.

I fundamentally spend time in the library alone.
The maids prepare tea for me, but they don’t stay at my side.
Because it was Amalie’s habit, everyone withdraws.
“I am going to the library.” Those were words Amalie said when she wanted to be alone.

「Eh, you ate it!?」

I heard a maids’ voices from the corridor leading to the library.
I somehow ended up hiding in the maids’ blind spot behind the door.

I’m sure they will panic if I catch them chattering.
Amalie’s bad reputation isn’t fully wiped out yet, and a heartfelt apology would be awkward.

Ah, but, aren’t I eavesdropping like this?

「Yes, it was really delicious!」

「Not fair!」

「Yeah, yeah!」

Sure enough, the maids continue their conversation without noticing me.

「It’s apparently called “Gratin.” The passionate creamy flavor was delightful…」

As if remembering the taste, one of the maids mutters in a trance, while the others raise their voices in envy.

「How nice~ I was in charge of the main building yesterday」

「Me too… there has been too many people wanting to be in charge of Sunlight Mansion recently. Even though it was pushed on people before」


Because everyone except personal maids of the family members takes turns in duties, so they will have a shift either in the main building or the Sunlight Mansion.

It seems that the center of this talk is one of the maids who was in the kitchen when the Gratin was being made.

Yesterday, after Becker left, there were three maids with Kurt and Damien in the kitchen.
When I asked the two to help me with cooking,「I will call the head chef!」they ran away.
Though I have not asked for him yet, why? is what I thought, but it would be dangerous not to call him.
Head chef…

The head chef immediately came over.
I have more or less thought about apologizing for summoning him, but he said it’s not a problem at all and to call him anytime… is his work all right?
When I turned to Berta in worries, she told me to push… no, to leave everything to Sous Chef.
Poor Sous Chef…

I’m sorry to Sous Chef, but Head Chef was unlikely to quit, so I decided to finish the dish as soon as possible.

First, making the pasta dough. It’s for Macaroni.
Because it seemed hard to make the Macaroni into its shape by hand, we just made a simple pasta.

Everyone was surprised by pasta. When I said it could be molded in various shapes and used for many dishes, Head Chef was deeply moved.
Ah, Swiss roll all over again!? It turned out like that. It can’t be helped, right?
Soon, various pasta dishes will be lined up for dinner, won’t they…

After pasta had been finished, the White sauce was made.
Butter and wheat flour were mixed while adding milk, and eggs were made with the new whisk.
I had my doubts as a home cook teaching a professional chef, but he is a ‘beginner,’ so it’s alright?

When the finished Gratin was taken out of the oven, I heard everyone gulping their saliva.
The cheesy fragrance stimulated appetite.

Gratin after so long was delicious! Everyone praises it highly.
Of course, Wirbel ate the dinner deliciously while fu~ fu~ cooling down every spoon. My child is so cute!

The maid who is talking now said「Delicious」while sampling, so she must have really liked it.
Well, not anyone is a match for Head Chef’s flowery words…「This Gratin is like a glittering ocean」what did he mean by that? I can’t understand! You can’t steal the gourmet report from Berta!

「That’s right! I’ve heard we will be able to eat “Mille crepe” soon, is that for real!?」

「Yes, Okusama seemed to say so」

「Yatta!! I can’t forward it enough! I’m glad to be alive~」

An exaggerated person is also over here. Well, I’m glad you seem to be pleased.
However, the rumors spread way too fast. I will be cursed if I fail.

「But, Okusama has changed, didn’t she?」

When one of the maids whispered, the others raise their voices in agreement.

「Yes! She stopped hysterically shouting, and she even stopped breaking things with magic after losing temper. She’s like an entirely different person when calm, isn’t she!」

「Certainly! The spontaneous discharges of magic were frightening」

The maid’s body shivers while saying so.

「Everyone was uneasy to work in Sunlight Mansion because of that」

「That’s right, I think it would be alright if it weren’t person like Okusama with so much magical power」

The maids let out sighs while talking about the frightfulness of magical power.

Haa, I have caused quite a lot trouble for everyone… I’m terribly sorry.
I have to do my best to control my magical power!

「But… although the furniture was destroyed, there were no injured people, right?」

「That’s right, we were lucky!」

「Well, that might be so, but what if Okusama was controlling her magical power not to injure anyone?」

「Although it was troublesome, she didn’t have any ill will, huh? It felt similar to Anneliese-sama’s trouble causing, didn’t it?」

… What to say, are all the people in the mansion softhearted?
They say there was no ill will, but Amalie’s behavior really was terrible.
It wouldn’t be a mystery if people kept a distance from her, or even if they hated her. She was selfish like a child…

It’s already late, but I shouldn’t be eavesdropping anymore, I should head to the library soon.

I left from my hiding spot without making a sound and arrived at the library with the maids’ voices gradually fading.

Now then, what book should I read?
… It should be a book about magic, after all. Preparation for lessons is important!

I keep on reading.
Fumufumu, there’s quite a lot written here… ah! This might be good!

「”A barrier producing magic” this will be useful for Wirbel’s protection!」

The method of using… set the extent of the barrier while conscious of magical power and then… close it?

「What does “close” mean? N~ I don’t quite understand? This is hard without lessons, after all…」

It carries a locking feeling to it~
I’m conscious, and the extent is the mansion? Then I try to gesture with a key「Gacha」.

… Un, nothing happened.
I thought if it were a barrier nobody would be troubled, but it’s impossible without understanding it more, huh.
While feeling a bit disappointed, tonton I hear knocking on the door.

「Come in」

When I thought that tea is was brought for me, Berta hastily enters.


Berta begins to speak in a tense state, but her movements stop once she sees a book of magic in my hands.

「I, is something the matter?」

「Okusama… you have done something, didn’t you?」

Berta asks with an assertive tone.

Eh? I didn’t really do anything, right? Did I? Eh??

「I, I didn’t, I think?」

Even after denying, Berta’s gaze continued to pierce through me.
She definitely doesn’t believe me. Berta-san’s intuition is too good, after all.

Rather, what has happened!?
Tell me! No, I don’t want to hear it! I’m sorry!


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