Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 5

Let's Make Sweets


Cooking is fundamentally done in the main building.
Because the head chef works in the main building, only simple cooking is done in the annex mansion.
The annex mansion’s food is prepared in the main building’s kitchen, then completed in the annex mansion’s kitchen.

But, there’s not much difference from the main building kitchen’s essential ingredients, seasonings cooking utensils and such.

「Berta, do we have potatoes?」

When I ask, Berta shifts her gaze towards the kitchen apprentice boys who remained behind.

「Ah, umm, I will bring them」

One of the boys runs off in a panic to the storage.

「H, here」

He presents me a heap of potatoes in a basket.

「Thank you」

When I cheerfully say my gratitude, the two maids working in the kitchen and two apprentice boys freeze.
Mou, this reaction is already a default.

「Where are the kitchen knives?」

「Eh?! No, that’s…」

The boy trembles when our eyes meet.

No, I won’t stab you?
That, I understand that edged tools are prohibited for hysteric women, but you don’t have to be that frightened.

「Okusama, why don’t you leave the cooking to Kurt and Damien over here? Okusama can just instruct them」

… Can it still be said that I did the cooking?
But, this may be the only thing I can do to calm everyone’s hearts.

tte, am I a cutthroat or what!!
Haa, can’t be helped.

「Then, may I ask you?」

「Y, yes」

The two boys stand in attention.

Well then, I, the cutthroat Amalie shall now become a Demon Sergeant and give out instructions!!
Leaving the joke aside, the two boys are so tense I’m getting worried if they can handle the knives properly.

「Could I have you to cut the potatoes finely? Take your time, do not injure yourselves」

The boys cut the potatoes slowly as they were told.
The potatoes are in quite small sizes, but they are not shining.

「Cut them even smaller」

I instruct the boys, and they follow the call.

After earnestly cutting them, the potatoes started shining at last.
Mou, it would be faster to grate them from the start.

Yosh, next is…
When I look around, I see a dishcloth and bucket of water shining.
I see, wrap the potatoes in the cloth, soak it in the water and squeeze the starch out.

「Do you have a clean cloth I wonder?」

「Ah, yes, we have a fabric we wrap meat in」

「I see, then, can I have put the potatoes into water and rub them next?」

When the boys rub the potatoes, the water gradually becomes muddy.

「What should we do next?」

「Leave it like that for a while」

As soon as the boys separated from the water container, it started to shine.

Now then, making the cloth!

… Un, we can’t start without the potato starch.
Moreover, Baumkuchen is quite a high hurdle.

How it looks… I’m clear about that, but we mus bake its round layers without burning it.
It may not need to be round, I might as well recreate its look all together.

N~ what should I do?

!! That’s right, I have money!
It feels detestable, but let me say it again.
I have money!

Therefore, let’s reproduce the Baumkuchen oven I saw on the TV.
Let’s make cookware for sweets while at it.

「Berta, I want to order a custom oven, but what should I do?」

「… I will invite the Becker Company over」

Berta answers immediately to my unreasonable request.

The Becker Company is the biggest company in the Morgenrot Kingdom’s capital.
Becker Company trades in a large variety of products just like a department store.

Well, it’s unlikely to finish the Baumkuchen today.
Is there something I could make right now?

Yosh, let’s make that layer on layer!
Wirbel will be definitely pleased with it!

I open the paper with materials of the sweets.
It’s shining~

「Can you prepare wheat flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, and fresh cream for me?」

「Y, yes!」

Kurt and Damien immediately set the ingredients in front of me.


Right when I extended my hand, Berta appeared again.


It’s okay, right!?
I won’t be dangerous (to surroundings) when I use the knife!

Berta and I stare at each other for a while.

「Kurt, melt the butter and whip the fresh cream. Damien, crack the eggs and mix it with everything except the fresh cream and then cook it thin in the pan」

Berta-san’s silent gaze defeated me.
Even though she was so frightened just a little while ago…
Should I be happy that she got used to me instead?

Kurt and Damien are decent cooks despite learning just by observing.
They complete it according to my instructions.

Yosh, all that’s left is to let it cool and spread on the fresh cream.

Yes! Mille crepe is complete~

「Put it into the refrigerating room and let it cool down for a bit」


Kurt’s, Damien’s and the two maids’ eyes are fixed on the Mille crepe.

「Apart from mine and Wirbel’s share, you can divide and eat the rest among yourselves」

「is that all right!?」

An excited voice flies from my side.

Berta… you have a sweet tooth I see.

She usually doesn’t show many emotions, but her eyes are sparkling now.

「Yes, everyone please eat some and tell me your impression」


Everyone gives me a great reply.

If it’s like this, Wirbel might also show me a lovely smile.


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