Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 7

I Want to Learn Magic



When I encourage everyone, they started eating in bewilderment.

Everyone is engrossed in Mille crepe.
The two maids eat mouthful by mouthful as if they were regretting that the Mille crepe is disappearing from their plates, on the other hand, the two boys are eating with a great vigor.

「Ah, how wonderful. The fresh cream tenderly melts in the mouth, the soft texture and the taste of milk unites with the fresh cream and spreads a gentle sweetness in the mouth」

… Berta-san’s flawless food reportage, I see.
Berta puts her hands on her cheeks, and a dreamy expression of ecstasy floats on her face.

「Is Wirbel going to be pleased with it?」

「Of course he’s going to! This gentle flavor that young children love, Wirbel-sama will also be pleased without a doubt!」

Berta gives the stamp of approval.

「Okusama, what shall we do about the potatoes in the water?」

Kurt who finished eating quickly asks.

Ah, potato starch! I forgot… no way I could, but it became like that, huh.
When I look at the container, I can clearly see something white settled on the bottom.

「Get rid only of the upper water, yes, like that, then… put in clean water again… stir it… leave it for a while, and repeat until only a white powder remains」

When the tawny water was dumped out, the water in the bucket started shining again, so fresh water was poured in again.
Because the starch is already completed, all that’s left is to rinse it out nicely, I think.

The potato starch is almost done!
Next is the oven… I want to let Wirbel eat Baumkuchen as soon as possible~
I want to see his cute face smile in joy. So looking forward to it!

「Okusama, is this also material used to make sweets with?」

The one who asks about the starch is Damien who’s face is full of expectations.

「Yes, but, it can also be used for typical dishes. It can be used to increase the thickness of soups and sauces」

「Eh, something else than wheat flour can be used to increase the thickness!?」

Surprised expressions float on Kurt’s and Damien’s faces who learn by observation.

Ah, white sauce is all about the wheat flour, after all.
Is it same? Or perhaps slightly different? Maa, it doesn’t matter.

「If you would like you can make it, with the dissolving in water method」

「Y, yes, thank you very much!」

Now then, with the sampling done, what should I do next~
Ah, that’s right!

「Berta, let’s go to the library」

I leave the kitchen, cross the corridor and arrive at the library.

This Sunlight Mansion was built as a detached room for a late Great Madam.
Because it was previously built to be a nursing home basically, a significant number of trees and lovely flowers spread on a beautiful large garden.

The bookshelves in the library built on the first floor are put deep into the room to prevent the books suffering from the sunlight, but because the Great Madam loved to read books there’s also an open reading space surrounded by trees which filter the sunlight, creating a refreshing space for reading.

This was also Amalie’s favorite place.
I remember sneaking here to be alone.
What was I thinking about? No, this was a place where I didn’t think about anything at all.

Well then, well then, let’s search for the targeted book!
N~, there!

「『Introduction to Magic』, is this good?」

It’s quite late by now, but I would like to learn magic.
My magical power is large, and Amalie has escaped from it out of fear.
But, my magical power will go wild and cause trouble to Wirbel and people nearby if left as is.
It would be most likely bad if action is not taken immediately.

Rather, I can use magic!
Not using it is a loss! So fun~

「Let’s see, let’s see『Using magic without taking lessons about magic first is dangerous. Using magic with only the knowledge obtained from books may easily lead to an accident.』」

… Un, I’m sorry.
A teacher of magic is necessary, huh.

I see, should I hire one?
U~n, that will become the top news of high society, huh.
It may be regarded as dangerous considering Amalie’s reputation~
It will leak from somewhere even if I try to hide it, what to do?

A tacher~ When it comes to teachers, it’s school… right?
Should I go to school?
No, that will create unnecessary rumors…
But, if I conceal my social status and enter a private school I won’t get find out?

In the first place, only the people of the upper class know my face.
Moreover, they only know my sharp eyes and heavy makeup.
Although saying it myself feels weird, I have a childlike loli face if I don’t use makeup.

Yosh! Let’s go to school!

First of all, I have to feign name, age and social status.

The age… 15?
Is that too shameless? But, the entrance age is 15, you see~
… It’s okay! Everyone should be thinking「Is that so?」right now!
Well, the contents are of 16 years old Tanaka Yuri!
There’s no problem!

I will be so careful that no one will ever find out.
If Wirbel looks at me with a scorn… Uu, I start tearing up just from imagining it…

This is a super top secret mission, I will show you I can accomplish it!


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