Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo – Chapter 8

Little Girl ga Kita


「Okusama, the tea is ready」

「Thank you, Wirbel is coming back soon, isn’t he?」

A cut Mille crepe has been placed in the center of a plate and covered with a transparent cover with cooling capabilities.
This cover is also made with magic.

Magic is really convenient, isn’t it?
But, in a sense, I think that there’s no physical progress because of magic.
Because something is inconvenient, humans think of useful tools.
But, in this world, everything is resolved with magic.

Maa, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.
As a result, convenient tools are not being pursued too much.
Although various machines and science came to be, at the same time various distortions were born.
Not one of them is necessarily the right answer.

「Berta, let’s take a walk before Wirbel returns」

This garden is breathtaking.
Unlike normal gardens, there are all kinds of trees, and even fruit trees grow here in great numbers.

「Let’s get Wirbel his favorite fruit that is ripe enough for eating」

Unexpectedly, Amalie knew Wirbel’s favorite things.
She only spoke harsh words without affection to him. But, she loved him?
The emotions around this area are vague, Amalie probably didn’t know the answer herself.
But, she was concerned, he was an existence she couldn’t help, but be concerned about.

The foolish Amalie didn’t realize that it was love.
She feared everything, and above all, her emotions were dominated by the fear of herself.
The cause is… the mother.
The person who passed away when Amalie was small.
She always hugged Amalie with a gentle smile.

… What was the result in the end?
Showing a smile, treating others gently, hugging… she couldn’t do it.
That’s because it was a frightening experience for Amalie.
Amalie was unconsciously evading those actions…
Her mother was insane.

「Please, wait!」


I look back at the sudden voice reflexively.

Uwa, cu, cute!

A little girl was there.
Yotayota, she trotted over unsteadily with an innocent smile.

「Smells nice」

Pafu, she clung to my skirt.

What is this, too cute!
I, is it alright to hold her in my arms? Is it?
Should I do it?

「A, Anneliese-sama」

When stooped down to lift the little girl up, I suddenly heard a fearful, shaky voice.

I see an unfamiliar stiffened maid when I look up.
Whenever I moved a little, her body shook.

That much!?
I don’t think there’s a need to be frightened like if you met a bear in a forest.
Ah, incidentally, there are magic beasts in this world.
This frightfulness is a magic beast grade.

Hey, doesn’t that mean that I’m a magic beast!!
But, being kinda close to that is really sorrowful…

「Oneechama, smells nice」

The little girl in my arms rolls her face near my neck.
Ah, because I made sweets… did the smell transferred to my clothes?

「It’s the smell of Mille crepe」

「Miyu creep?」

「Yes, it’s a milk flavored cake」

「Anne, eats kake!」

The little girl’s eyes sparkle because of my simple explanation.

Oh~ upturned eyes?
Who can go against these eyes full of hope!? Impossible!

Of course, I don’t mind sharing some with her.
Rather, I welcome it!

But… this child, she’s Anneliese-sama, right?
Is it all right for Amalie to give Anneliese-sama food?
It’s Amalie of Dangerous Goods, you know?

I have a feeling that it’s not okay.
N~ what to do…

「Okusama, what’s the matter?」

「Berta… Can you go and ask Bianca-sama whether I may invite Anneliese-sama to the tea party with Wirbel?」


Berta who grasped the situation immediately urged the stiffened maid of Anneliese-sama and went to the main building.

「Anneliese-sama, do you like fruit?」


「Then, could you get the fruit growing on this tree?」

When I lift Anneliese-sama near the fruit, her small hand seized the fruit.

「Got it!」

「Thank you very much. I will wash it so we can eat it later, okay?」

I take a few more for Wirbel and hand it to the maid who was waiting in the rear.

「That’s right, I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? Anneliese-sama, I am Amalie. I am Wirbel’s mother」

「Wi-niisama’s Okaasama?」

「That’s right. Has Wirbel been treating you kindly?」

「Un! Wi-niisama is very kind! He is kinder than Ar-niisama, luv!」

That’s right, that’s right.
As expected of Wirbel, he won over imouto’s attention.
Arthur-sama, too bad! The cute imouto’s heart is already with Wirble.

「Anneliese-sama, let’s sit on that chair and wait until Wirbel returns」



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