You Can Apparently Become a Wizard by Preserving Your Virginity Until Thirty

You can apparently become a wizard by preserving your virginity until thirty.

I suddenly recall such stupid urban legend.

The present time is 23:58.
After another 120 seconds, it will be midnight and the date will change.
It’s time for children to sleep and also the time for adults to prepare to sleep for tomorrow if there are no circumstances. As for why I’m awake without showing any signs of sleep at such night……
That is because of a seriously stupid reason that amazes even me.

Precisely, in another two minutes.
It will be my birthday and I will turn thirty.

You can apparently become a wizard by preserving your virginity until thirty.

…… As you guessed, I’m a virgin. A genuine cherry.
No history of girlfriends equal to the age. I lived gray school days and even after becoming a full-fledged member of the society, I didn’t experience a romantic story until now.
Once before, I thought of paying money to graduate, but I somehow felt it would be wrong.
Thus, I finally came all the way here as a virgin. I’m such man.

In other words, the reason for not laying down and sleeping.
I turned away from the reality while sulking in the bed and that’s why I thought of being defiant and celebrating my birthday grandly.

I bought a hall cake for the first time. The 4000 yen one.
I prepared party tools too. The party hats. Mustache glasses. Crackers.
I decided on a perfect business suit, put on the party hat and mustache glasses, and my appearances with a cracker in hand ready to fire is quite surreal, but whatever. It’s not like anyone will see me. Anyhow, I’m completely prepared.

And then, I suddenly recall once again.

You can apparently become a wizard by preserving your virginity until thirty.

That is a known urban legend.
Was its origin from a game or something? I don’t remember well……
Anyhow, no one takes it seriously as it’s more of a joke rather than a rumor.
Judging by the origins of the rumor, its purpose is to make you laugh, something close to a practical joke.
It’s an urban legend in name only, there are many men in their thirties with no experience with women, in short, it’s a humor.

I recalled such worthless urban legend.
I recall it and laugh scornfully.
Magic is a product of imagination. Even if there is a general idea, it’s a fantasy. Even children know that. Much less a virgin and a wizard, what an irrelevant relation.
Truly nonsensical.
I smiled wryly and looked at my watch.

The present time is 23:59 and 40 seconds.
In another twenty seconds, I will join the aged thirty group.
When I thought such, there was nothing but emptiness.
No good. I thought of being defiant and my feelings sunk right before.

Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen.
It’s like that. My life is like that.

Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen.
It can’t be helped. Isn’t giving up essential in life?

Thirteen, twelve, eleven.
You reap what you sow. This cherry bastard. You virgin.

Ten, nine, eight.
Ahh, I’m still plainly shocked.

Seven, six, five.
That’s why I unconsciously escaped from the reality.

Four, three, two.
I might as well become a wizard just like in that worthless urban legend.

…… Just kidding~

The next moment, my field of vision exploded.


All of sudden, I was attacked by a dazzling light.
My field of vision was painted white, I strongly closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands.
What, what was that, what is going on? My head instantly falls into a panic.
A short time later, the white light gradually weakened and my field of vision returned to normal.

「W, what has just……?」

I check the surroundings through the gaps between my fingers.
I wonder if something perhaps exploded? A shock or a sound that comes with that didn’t occur, but if it wasn’t an explosion then what?
It would be serious if something happened. This is a lonely one-room in which a woman didn’t set foot ever before, but it’s an important “my house” for me. I would be extremely troubled.

I opened my eyes while praying and looked around.
Then, there was my room which I’m used to seeing…… or not.

「Welcome, Great Wizard-sama. Thank you very much for accepting our summons」

A weird grandpa was standing before me while I was standing in the center of a strange magic circle.

「Somehow, please save us! Great Wizard-sama!」

It was a somewhat rapid development.

You can apparently become a wizard by preserving your virginity until thirty.

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