Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 1

Hello, different world

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I hate the morning sun.

Why do I hate it? I wouldn’t dislike it if I didn’t have to go to the school.

School itself is good. Classes are fun, there are friends, but I don’t like to walk.

If only I didn’t have to walk endlessly in this hot weather.

It’s about 1km from my house to the school. However, since the road is slightly elevated, it feels like I have to walk two times the distance.

It’s not a task for a delicate high school girl.

Aah~, I don’t want to go to the school.
If I don’t want to go, then I don’t want to go.
I don’t want to go!! Let’s go… No, I don’t want to go!! I don’t want to go!! I don’t want to go!! It’s hot!! It’s hot!! I don’t want to go!! I want to become precu~re!!

「Let’s go…」

I finish the morning exercise and get off the bed.

What I do in the morning?

First, I make a breakfast.

I eat.

Get dressed.

I confirm today’s lessons and stuff it in the backpack.

I close the door and go out on the hot road.

That’s all.

It’s a piece of cake. But it’s hot.

There is only one problem.

Where the hell am I?

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