Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 13



I know understand most of the story.

The first thing I have to do in this world is to get adored by the people.

In other words, to live a heroes life.

Frankly speaking, there’s no benefit for me.

But, Lilia said that I can’t return to my original world.

I have no lingering feelings, but thinking about mother, father and little brother I started feeling uneasy.

At that moment, Lilia said

「It’s okay. 1 year here converts to one minute Earth’s time. In other words, when you finish your life in this world, you can return back on Earth」

This, well, I told Lilia that I was alright with not returning.

But, this is convenient.

It’s like the training room from the old anime I watched before.

Ah well, there is no such training room though…

And with this, Lilia was released from the slave contract and became my companion.

I open the menu, and click the 《Friends》button.

By the way the button are

《Item box》

These five.

Lilia was originally already on the friend list before, but it has disappeared so I had to register her again.

As for how to register a friend.

① Each person opens the column Friends
② Open the Friends registration section
③ Do you want to become friends? A window with a question appears.
④ And press “Yes”

When you register a friend, a skill called Friend Communication can be used.

This is something like a mail, you write a letter and sent it to your friend.

Secondly, a common item box.

It seems that when you register a friend, you can share a common item box with them.

Ah well, we don’t need it right now.


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