Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 15

Drawing water #2


When we return to the room, I transfer the water from the bucket to the pot and boil it.

「I will throw in more firewood, okay?」

「Yes, please」

I grasp the wood next to the fireplace and throw it in.

「This should be enough. Thank you very much」

「No, it’s alright. Thanks you too, Lilia」

A device on the lid of the pot collects the boiled water.

「It collects the drinkable water, right?」

「That’s right. Let’s collect as much as possible through the night」

「Yes!! Then, let’s draw more water」

「Oh, it’s okay. I will do it by myself, Lilia should watch the fire」

Saying that, I take the empty bucket and return to the well.

「Haa~ That was surprising」

I make it to the well with a grand sigh.

「At this rate, it’s going to be bad… I must get along with her properly」

However, rather than Lilia’s mysterious elegance, she possesses a deadly cuteness.

That one? Magic charm system?

Ah well, even without it she would be cute.

「Let’s draw the water. Let’s do it properly」

I throw the bucket in the well and draw the water.

I always do.

If there is a well, I draw.

I draw it after all.


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