Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 16

Water is surprisingly scary


There is a thing called “end” to everything.

When you eat a cookie, it disappears, water also disappears if drank.

No matter how many good deeds you do, you always end up in a grave.

However, I look at the bucket in from of me.

No matter how it’s seen, it contains water.

It does not disappear.

In other words, it’s possible to return to the room now.


「Let’s not complain and return」

I returned to the room.

The room is filled with moe.

I made a mistake.

The room is on fire. (moete ya garu)

「Jiyooooooa!? Lilia!!」

「Fuaaa!! Water please!!」

「Chest oh!!」

I dump the water I just drew on Lilia.

The water evaporated immediately.

「「Uwaa, my eyes!! My eyes!!」」

When the water evaporates it enters my eyes and I feel extremely strange.

Indescribable unpleasantness.

Yeah, let’s calm and open the window…!

「「Nuu uun」」

It’s unpleasant the moment I opened my eyes.

Because there was no other way, I crawled to the door and opened the window from outside.

The steam flows outside, the room in terrible condition comes in my view.

「Oou. What happened… Ah well, I can guess, but…」

「So- sorry」

「What happened?」

According to Lilia, the water I put in the pot didn’t boil very much so she used magic, but it seem to have failed.

「… And then, this happened…」

「Yes… I’m sorry」

Her chest too.

What a scatterbrain, if I was a man, I would already attacked her.

「Anyways, change your clothes. It’s wet」


Saddened and wet Lilia.


「Then, I’m going to change my clothes」

「Yes. I will wait here」

Lilia went to the next room to change.

「I will tidy up in the meantime」

The floor is submerged in water, so I will wipe it up with a towel while I wait.


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