Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 17

Water is not scary, overconfidence is


Lilia changed her clothes and returned.

The clothes are no different from before, but they are new for certain.



I’m starting to hate Lilia.

「Uu. Please forgive me…」

Lilia apologizes with tears in her eyes, Un.

I can’t come to hate her after all.

「It’s good. You should go to draw more water」

「Yes… I’m sorry」

Lilia goes out with a bucket while looking depressed.

「I will do what I can」

I squeeze a towel and wipe the floor again.

I was able to wipe most of the water, but the area around the fireplace is still soggy.

There’s no other way, but to wipe it with towel more.

wipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipesqueeze, wipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipesqueeze, wipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipeswipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipesqueezewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipesqueeze, ……….

「………. I’m tired」

When you are doing simple tasks a lot, your shoulder becomes stiff and you will feel unpleasant. Also, it has been a long time since I wiped a floor.

「I drew the water」

Lilia came back from the well.

「Thank you. Then, let’s do it again」

「Yes. I will pour the water then」

Pour the water to the pot just like earlier, set the fire… or not.

「We have no tools. What to do?」

「I can… But, I may fail…」

Lilia is still depressed from the failure a while ago.

「Everything will be all right!! It’s possible if its Lilia」

After my encouragement, Lilia started showing a smile.

「I understand. I will try!!」

「Okay, but be careful」

Lilia carefully? raises her right hand and snaps her fingers.

Then the wet firewood caught on fire.

「I did it!! I was able to do it!!」

「Yes, yes, good girl, good girl」

I say while patting Lilia’s head, she became happy.

「Eee♪ I feel like now I will be able to do what I was trying earlier♪」

「He? Earlier?」

Lilia points her hand towards the pot at the top of the firewood that was just set on a fire.

Are? Is this possibly…


A ball of fire hits the target and I entered the white world I was in just a while ago.


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