Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 19

It seems that even drying the clothes is difficult in this world…


Because of the slightly mental barrage of events, two people are falling down with pale faces.

「First, this…」

「Yes… I’m sorry…」

We picked up the sheets and hidden our bodies.

Somehow by a chance, I had accidentally touched Lilia’s body, my hands still can feel the aftertaste of kneading her.

「Anyway, let’s go to the bed across the room」

「He? Ye-yes!!」

Anyway, l will let Lilia lie in the bed, while I try to dry the clothes? It’s too complicated to do it together…

「Though it’s still bright…」

Lilia mutters.

Certainly, it will become dark soon, won’t it become too dark to dry the clothes soon?

「Yeah. Should do it outside?」

「Fue!? Outside!? If Hero-sama wants to do that…」

Are? Do not people dry their clothes outside in this world?

「Uu, embarrassing…」

Ah, I see.

This appearance is certainly bad.

Although no one is around,

「Then, let’s do it inside」

「Yes. If it’s inside…」

Lilia blushed.

What’s wrong?

Anyway, I go to the bed together with Lilia.

「Then, I will dry it so wait here」

「Yes, I will wait」

Lilia enters the bed and covers her body as much as possible, I return back to the room.

I come back to the room and review the terrible sight of the room after covering myself in the sheets.


I decided to do a pose, but no one watched and the bed sheet slipped of my body.

The room is in terrible condition.

If I leave it like this, it’s obvious that the mold will grow, so I have to wipe it.

「Let’s dry the clothes first」

I attach a rope in the room and hang the clothes on it.

「Are? Which one was mine again?」

I don’t know.

Well, the clothes are same, it can’t be helped.

There is one set of clothes on the table.

Although Lilia may complain later,

they are the same clothes, from the bottom to the top everything is same, I really can’t tell them apart.

「Muu? What to do…」

The feeling is also the same, I really can’t tell them apart just from appearance.

N? Can I do it by a smell?

I take the clothes and smell it.



「Ano, Haruna-san. This, also,…」

Lilia came out of the room.

What do I look like to Lilia now? A pervert who likes to smell other people’s clothes.

Calm down, I can resolve it if I talk… Right?


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