Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 6



Monsters, there are various kinds from cute ones to cool ones like dragons.

However, the one before me is disgusting.

I feel sick.

It looks like a grasshopper. Light green body. Doing *churr chirr* sounds. Disgusting!!

In addition it’s large. Grasshopper can’t be this size.

It has an eyes. Of course it has. It’s a grasshopper? The problem is when our eyes meet.


「Ugyaaaa!! Disgusting!!」

The former is the grasshopper, the latter is mine.

「Lilia!! Do something!!」

I cry for help while looking at Lilia.

「Miiii, don’t get close to me please」

She gets in the corner of the room and helplessly holds her head.

「Wai, wait!! Don’t leave me alone!!」


The grasshopper prepares to jump.

The world becomes slow.

In order to jump, grasshopper put emphasis on its legs.

I take a step back in order to avoid it.

The back of the chair hits my back.

The grasshopper jumps.

The distance is no more than 2 meters.


「So disgusting!!」

The grasshopper makes a dull noise and falls down.

When I came to, I apparently hit the grasshopper.

「As expected of a hero!! Nicely done!!」

「No, you better help me!!」

I seek help from Lilia who had been trembling in the corner of the room.

「Miigyaaaa!! Miigyaaaa!!」

「Hurry and defeat it!!」

I fling the chair in anger, but the insect just wiggles, there is no sign of dying.

「This fucker!!」


The chair I swung has been avoided and the chair hits the ground and breaks.

「Lilia!! Don’t you have some weapon!?」

「In the next room!!」

「Then fetch it!!」

However, the grasshopper heard us and blocked the entrance of the room.

「Weapon, weapon, weapons!!」

I get away from the grasshopper and look in the table, there is a tableware I used before.

「Only a knife, huh」

I need a bigger knife, so I look in the kitchen for the knife Lilia used for cooking.

「There are no knives!! The sacred treasures were cooked without a knife!!」

There is only a frying pan,

………. Frying pan?

「This is it!!」

I approach the grasshopper while readying the frying pan.

「Eat this!!」


I run at my fastest and hit the grasshopper’s head.

This game, is my victory!!


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