Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 7

Victory and treasure


I defeated it. I knocked it down. A grasshopper!!

That was a very stupid dialog, but I almost died.

I look at the grasshopper once again, at first the grasshopper looked firm like a jewel, but the next moment it was smashed to pieces.

「Haa, what’s this…」

「As expected of hero!! Splendid!!」

Lilia ran up close.

She looks at me with sparkly eyes like a dog is looking at his master.

Super adorable.

So I put the knife vertically near Lilia’s head.

A meal!!

Oh, disgusting sound♪

「Miiii. Why?」

「That’s because. You are supposed to be my partner yet you abandoned me and trembled in a corner of the room」


「If something like this happens again, I will be the one to abandon you. OK?」

「Miii!! I will keep it in my heart!!」


Hey, I already became a hero. I’m saying this myself but…

By the way, was I always so strong?
I was thinking such while looking at the chair smashed on the ground.

「Well, it doesn’t matter」

「Excuse me, Hero-sama」

「N? Haruna is fine. What?」

Lilia is hesitating,….. The heck, she’s really cute. I seem to be awakening to a weird fetish.

「Clothes… Are you not going to wear them?」

I’m stark naked. I see, I’m a person with weird fetish.

「I don’t have any clothes. What should I do?」

「I think there are clothes in the next room. This way」

Wrapped in a bed sheet I follow Lilia.

We pass the grasshopper that was shattered to fragments, I opened the door and got into a room with size similar to one I was sleeping in.

「Are you not getting that treasure chest?」

「Wow, it really is a treasure chest」

There was a treasure chest in the middle of the room.

A Red painted wooden chest with golden lines. I get closer to the chest and touch the clasp.


A pleasant sound is heard when the chest is opening.

「「Oo, a treasure」」

Inside the chest there is a sparkling golden long sword and a stick with an attached transparent jewel .

It also contained a set of clothes.

「I will change my clothes first」


I change my clothes.

☆Not going to show you☆

Incidentally the clothes are an ordinary miniskirt, white shirt, underwear and socks.


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