Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 8



From nude to villager, my heart defense has risen.

After changing, I look in the treasure chest again.

Gold sword in shining light.

I don’t know what tree the stick is from, but the jewel is size of a thumb.

Anyways, I pull the sword from the treasure chest.

Then, the sword has disappeared.

「What the!? It’s gone!!」

「It’s alright. Try opening the menu」

I did as I did before, I lowered my right hand and called menu.

Then, the menu from before has appeared.

「Try selecting the Item box button」


When I touch the Item box button, the page was replaced with list of items.

Item box

NEW Insect meat
NEW Holy sword Magnum

Is this a holy sword? I don’t intend to look at the Insect meat for the time being.

I touch the Holy sword Magnum.

『Do you want to summon?』《YES》《NO》

Oh, something has appeared.

When I press the YES button, the Holy sword appears.

『Warning, Holy equipment is destroyed after used 10 times』

Another thing popped up.

It will be destroyed?

「Lilia? It seems to get destroyed?」

「Eeh!! Is that true!!… It’s true…」

It seems that Lilia didn’t know.

Say, 10 times of what?

『The number 10 indicates the number of slayed monsters with the Holy sword. In other words, defeat 10 monsters and the sword will be destroyed』

It told me kindly.

It told me?

「Who are you? Why are you staying in the window? It’s alright to come out」

『I’m Navi. I can’t come out. I don’t want to come out. I don’t want to work』

I see.


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