Yuusha ga Onna – Chapter 9

Outside the hut


After interacting with Navi, I decided to store the Holy sword.

I don’t want to use the sword that will get destroyed after using 10 times by a mistake.

By the way, to store items

①Open the window
②Throw it in the window
③The item will disappear
④The item enters the Item box

Just like that.

It’s easy, but it’s a strange feeling I can’t get accustomed to it after all.

There was a set of clothes for Lilia too.

It was the same set of clothes that I’m currently wearing.
「Anyway, this is good right?」

「Yes. There is no longer a need to stay in this hut」

「Then, what will we do?」

「There is a village about half day away from here. The sun has already gone up, let’s go tomorrow?」

「Understood. That’s fine. But, there is a lot of time. I’ll go outside for a bit?」

「I understand. I will accompany you!!」

After saying so, we leave the room and go outside.

Well, I thought that when I go outside, I will see a radio tower, buildings or a plane in the air but….

I saw a beautiful forest and a road.

There’s nothing other than that.

「Haa, it’s a different world after all…」

「Are you upset?」

I was asked by Lilia and noticed that I strangely wasn’t upset.

Well, living in the Japan wasn’t bad, but I was bored, this is not so displeasing~

When I look towards Lilia,

(´;ω;`)← she was looking at me with such a face.

So cute~

… Doesn’t that sound like I’m becoming a weird person!!

Wordly desires? Shake off.

「I’m not upset. I just panicked a little」

「That is good!! Let’s do our best together!!」

She said.

Then, Lilia looks at me with a very serious face,

Un. Cute.

Not good, at this rate I will really advance towards the naughty road…
Well let’s leave it at that and look around first.

When the door is opened, to the right is a forest….. The forest is in a good condition.

There’s nothing else.

No, let’s walk a little.

Aside from trees and a hill once in a while, there is nooo~thing else.

「Is there really a town nearby?」

「It is far, but there is」

「Well, let’s depart tomorrow. Let’s look around the hut and see if there is something useful for the time being」

「Yes desu!!」

After saying that, we went back to the hut.


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